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The Uninformed Skeptic: Eat Right For Your Type January 28, 2009

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It was one of those occasions when a relatively large group of my extended family gathered together in a public establishment for an  extended period of time, in this case, a fairly popular restaurant.  The menu was extensive and offered many appetizing choices and I mulled my decision for quite awhile with a growing amount of impatience and suggestions from parent and sibling alike.  One suggestion suddenly stuck out from the rest:  “You shouldn’t eat that… you have the same blood type as me.” That’s how the argument started…


Windows Seven beta 1 and GIMP! January 21, 2009

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After there was so many problems for so many people getting GIMP for Windows to run under Vista (in fact it is still one of my most visited posts!) I wanted to tackle that one with “Seven” right off the bat…


Windows Seven beta 1, first impressions January 21, 2009

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I decided to jump on the beta bandwagon again and see if “Seven” really was a new windows or just Vista with a new name.  Here are my first  impressions but like anything else the old saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” may apply…


Music piracy a growing problem? January 19, 2009

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I wrote this as an answer to a thread (on a sim racing forum of all places!) concerning a story from the BBC about how music piracy was still an  ever growing problem.  I spent too much time thinking about and writing my response to have it buried in a forum so thought I would put it here too.  As always YOUR comments and opinions are welcome!


My D-Link wireless card, Madwifi and the state of linux distros for the desktop January 10, 2009

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Here is one of those posts I write more for my personal reference in the future but I´m happy if someone else gets some use from the information too.

Today I´m posting from my new Ubuntu Studio 8.10 install.  This is after trying several new releases of other distros first and even though Ubuntu Studio is still missing a decent realtime kernel it still somehow ended up on my harddrive!  Here is the main reason why…


And the best free audio DAW for Windows is… Linux MultiMedia Studio?!?!? January 9, 2009

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YES!  That is right!  Linux MultiMedia Studio, or “LMMS” as it’s more often called, now has a very nice Windows port! 120px-Lmms_logo.png

Quoting from their website LMMS aims to be “
a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer.”  And FL-studio users will feel right at home with LMMS and with no sting in the pocketbook either…


Was Santa good to you? January 3, 2009

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A (mostly) fictional story: personal.jpg

Hey, first I hung all our pretty lights from the eves of our house to get in the Holiday spirit. It started out good and they were going up like I was a professional!

Then it started snowing. That wasn’t so bad, kind of festive and all, you know what I mean?

Then it started snowing really HARD! I only had a couple of 30′ strands left to put up so I kept on going. A cat on the roof supervising my progress managed to knock a big bunch of fresh, %$#@ icy cold snow right down on top of my head and most of it went down the front and back of my shirt, of course.

$#% cat.