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Ubuntu Release 6.10 “Edgy Eft” is out! July 28, 2006

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Released 7-20-06: Unlike previous versions of distrowatch.com’s “most popular distro” 6.10 Edgy Eft “Knot” (what will become Ubuntu 6.10) has had comparatively little press!

According to the official announcement:

Pre-releases of Edgy are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are however recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs. (more…)

Tweak XP for gaming July 18, 2006

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here are some GREAT tips on how to tweak Windows XP for video gaming.

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Ubuntu Customization Kit July 18, 2006

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Ubuntu Customization Kit is a set of tools for easy cutomization of Ubuntu Linux distribution. Currently it allows you to to create bootable LiveCD with predefined languages based on original Ubuntu/Kubuntu live CD using wizard with GUI. And to build live CD with special features using scripts. It is po

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Flock, how I love thee, let me count the ways… July 4, 2006

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Ok, this post is just a /hug and a /smile for my beloved Flock webbrowser, because I love it so 🙂


Let me put it short and sweet…  If you blog you owe it to yourself to try Flock!

Once it’s properly configured blogging is a breeze…  drag and drop photos from your computer to an online archive (I use photobucket), preview them in Flock’s image bar at the top of the browser, drag them to a new blog post!

At the bottom of the browser is the “snippets” button… click this, drag *anything* of interest, even make little post-it-note type of text scraps and store them there until you want to use them!

Instant access to online bookmarks! Even imports them to a new installation automagically!

Blog *anything* with a simple highlight (optional) and a right-click!

Of course Flock has lots of other cool features too, most shared by Firefox… extensions, multiple tabs,  popup stoppers and more.

This is one sweet browser!

Vista: Something’s going on under the hood! July 4, 2006

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For some reason GIMP decided to break! Not sure why or how to fix it but I was pleased with the sort of information Vista gives the user when this kind of thing happens! Check out the screenshot:

WIRELESS: Like XP Pro, Vista Beta automagically detected my Linksys WUSB11 ver.2.6 USB network interface and set it up for use almost instantly. This is a chip that I have yet to get working correctly in ANY of the linux distributions I use so I must say I’m a bit impressed

Last but not least, remember my earlier post where I said Vista couldn’t “see” any of the machines on my LAN? I tried rebooting it, reconfiguring it, nothing worked! So I leave the machine on all last night, get up this morning and start messing with network settings in prep to tinker with the wireless adapter and low and behold!

I read somewhere else that “Vista seems to need at least 24 hours of use to get it’s feet under itself.” There is definately something going on under the hood of this OS. It even seems faster and more stable than it did yesterday and I haven’t really done anything to it in regards to performance. Curious…

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Vista daily July 4, 2006

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GAMES: I also tried Wolf:ET (which supposedly doesn’t run) and the True Combat mod for it. As long as game resolution and refresh rate didn’t exceed what I was running on the desktop it seemed pretty fast and stable. Once I jacked refresh rate up I got about 15 minutes out of the game before it crashed to desktop with a popup about the graphics driver failing and also about it (very quickly) recovering “successfully”. Again this makes me think that much of the gaming problems with Vista is due a lot more to the beta quality of the vid card drivers than Vista itself.

OTHER: I noticed that Vista, while it at least knows how to deal with .zip files “out of the box” is VERY slow on larger files. I unzipped a local archive of maps for TCE, approx. 500MB and was told initially that it would take 1 DAY and 16 HOURS to complete! Real time it finished just under 40 minutes but something isn’t anywhere close to snuff here. Haven’t tried any second party zip programs yet.

File transfers both from remote shares as well as my second (XP Pro) harddrive went smooth and fast.

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Vista and BF2 July 4, 2006

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Ok, have BF2 loaded and patched and it IS playable… Had to take care of a punkbuster problem but no biggy.

Playable yes, on par with XP, nada! Forget about any antialiasing, at least with my nvidia card, and when I tried to get the game to run at a higher refresh rate than my desktop it crashed to desktop and reset all my vid settings (in the game)! Performance is also noticably poorer.

On the flip side I’m sure much of this has to do with the beta state of the nvidia drivers too. Will be nice to see how they improve over time but for now I think I’ll do my serious gaming in XP or linux! 😉

Anyone got ATI performance reports with Vista + BF2?

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Vista and remote shares July 4, 2006

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Ok, here is a quirky one for you… My first install “saw” the other four machines on my LAN “out of the box”, without a hiccup. This new install, without configuring anything differently sees NONE OF THEM!

 Nothing I’ve tried makes them show up!Here is the quirky bit… I know the host name of my machines and the names of the shares… This new install, even though I can’t see the machines, WILL let me mount remote shares! example: //BIGGUN9/files works perfectly.

What’s up with that?!?!

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Vista and GIMP July 4, 2006

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I kind of like the new version of Windows Media Player too. I can see how this would appeal to peeps used to an iTunes sort of interface for managing large collections. I AM disappointed that WMP doesn’t include links for popular streaming sites like Shoutcast “out of the box”.In other news GTK+ 2 runtime and GIMP 2.11 install and run flawlessly as this screenshot will demonstrate

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Vista nvidia and nforce TAKE TWO July 4, 2006

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Ok, I did a full reinstall and things went much better this time.

First off I followed the directions and burned the chipset drivers to disk but decided to explore and play around a bit first…

I let windows check for a “solution” online for missing device drivers and THIS time it found them! I had already used the disc I’d burned to do the audio driver but that’s it. All the other drivers that it *could not find* when I installed the first time, 24 hours ago, it CAN find *today*! Hell, someone is working hard this holiday weekend.

Also intalling the nvidia drivers went much more smoothly this time and it even seems to be retaining settings, etc., working as it should…

The more I look at this desktop, including IE7 and various system GUIs the more I admire the looks and design. I know Vista is not designed to take on linux on the desktop but rather Mac OS and for anyone that hasn’t seen Vista in action this is VERY apparant. Eye candy is everywhere and very well implimented too (IMHO). Mac purists accuse MS of stealing a lot of ideas and designs from Mac and this might be true, but regardless, if I was Apple I’d be a bit nervous.

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Vista and nForce driver troubles July 4, 2006

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7800GT (PCIx16) here.

I tried reinstalling the drivers a second time, got to the “restart your computer now?” dialog and another window popped up saying that “Windows detected that the drivers for this device did not install properly.” It had an option to reinstall them using the “recommended method” so I did. Seemed to go ok for the install until the end when I got a third popup that said (to the best of my memory):”These drivers are intended for Windows Vista. It has been detected that the OS you are attempting to install drivers for is NOT Windows Vista. Please contact your manufacturer.” !!!! Mmmmmkay….

Will uninstall these completely, reboot and try them from a different download location.

Also had problems with the beta nforce drivers (Asus A8NSLI Premium/w nForce 4) which Vista told me was the reason my machine was running so slowly and restarting so slowly (rated my socket 939 AMD 3500+ venice w/ 2GB DDR400 as a “3”) so I’ll uninstall those as well and try again.

I tried installing the nforce drivers from a folder on my harddrive… the included instructions say to burn to a CD or DVD instead? I can’t imagine how there could be a difference but who knows? Hell, might just try a fresh reinstall and go from scratch.

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Vista and IE 7 July 4, 2006

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I must say I’m a bit impressed with the latest beta of IE 7 as well. The tabs are fast and responsive and I prefer the “close” button on each tab (ala Flock as opposed to a single close button like in Firefox) and the quick tab add button is nice and intuitive. I wish I could figure out how to find my bookmarks though!


DOH! It’s the “star” icon, which does something completely different in my browser of choice (www.flock.com)

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Vista take two July 4, 2006

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Nvidia drivers installed without a hitch. +1

Beta did NOT include ANY drivers for any of my nForce4 chipset (except a generic network interface which DOES work). Some googling led me to: http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_nforce_vista_x86_beta2.html

and those work just fine.

Being a linux junky I am used to even beta installs (hell, still covered with afterbirth brand spankin new ALPHA releases, even!) carrying at least generic drivers for multimedia devices and usually RAID as well. (Mainstream nix distros like Ubuntu include working drivers for probably 90% of the desktop hardware out there) Vista Beta has very few common drivers ‘out of the box”.. -1

Reboots take significantly longer than XP Pro on the same hardware, at least twice as long, perhaps longer… -1

Beta DOES have a nice boot menu that lets you pick between it and any other older version of windows it detects. I wonder how it does with linux? Wink +1

Damn, it sure is PURTEE! Grin +1

Curious that the much aclaimed WMP didn’t act as the default software for streaming audio off the web. Letting Vista find me a piece of software led me to nullsoft where I downloaded Winamp which seems to work well with the odd behavior of starting a new occurance by default… and mixing multiple streams as a result! Strange but true. -1

Will try some games next.

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Vista up and running July 4, 2006

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Just installed Vista Beta x86 build 5384 and thought a thread for those like me, crazy enough to use it and quick enough to download it before they closed the beta program to new members, might find a thread of use.

First off, coming from a die-hard linux user, I have to say that was probably the easiest installation I’ve ever seen, bar none. Pretty speedy too.

Next, the desktop… MUCH prettier than my XP pro and seems acceptably snappy too. Also has a much easier going feel to it… things seem more intuitive.

Downloading nvidia drivers now.

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A Beginner's Guide to Fixing OS X July 4, 2006

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Apple Matters | A Beginner’s Guide to Fixing OS X

This is meant as a serious article, I’m sure, but I’m blogging it because I found it funny that a NINE STEP “beginner’s guide” starts with rebooting the computer and ends with #8 Run to the Apple Store and #9…  tadaaa!!!   REINSTALL OS X!!!   LOL!

Doesn’t leave much in between the two except spending money.  Funny how installing one of the several Mac compatible linux like Ubuntu or Yellowdog wasn’t included as an option 😉

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