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Nigeria scam victim compensation! July 6, 2010

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File this one under “Just when you think you’ve seen it all!”

I just got this email today… I swear!  It said this:


It has reached the office of the Federal Govt of Nigeria that you were scammed before so the Govt has decided to compensate you with the sum of $70,000.00, Contact Barrister Etters and pay a fee of just $80 for funds release . Send email to *****@***********

Now everyone has HEARD about the Nigerian email scams, right?  RIGHT?!?!?  Yeah, I’m sure there is at least one or two innocently naive grandparents or otherwise NOT internet savvy folks that have actually sent money to such ridiculous scams but are the numbers that high that the scammers feel they can be even more profitable by pretending to compensate the victims in a new scam?  These guys should really find another line of “work”.

Photo: BP oil leak July 5, 2010

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As a bit of a self-proclaimed “tree hugger” I know we can get kind of preachy about global warming, climate change, dependence on fossil fuels, pollution, etc.  I’ve tried hard to resist the temptation to post a news update every other day concerning such topics because I think there is already enough of it out there.  But recently a friend posted an AP photo that struck me so profoundly I just had to share it here too…


Listen to this! Calexico! July 3, 2010

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Calexico, Calexico, Calexico!!!!

I’m going to say this right off the bat:  Anyone who writes a single paragraph review of any Calexico album didn’t listen to it.  It’s that simple.  Because their music is not.

I’m playing nearly all of their discography today and the more I listen to them the more I admire and respect them!  Based in the sun parched realm of Tuscon, Arizona, Calexico defies easy categorization.  Sure, there is a definite “tex mex” flavor to a lot of their music, maybe some blues and more than one tip of the hat to old school country (NOT the commercialized glitter pop stuff they play today), but there is also some serious jazz going on here, on more than one track from more than one CD, and maybe more than a smattering of experimental rock.  And what’s that?  Synth?!?  Dub?  Samples????  No matter what you pick out from these guy’s sound it’s almost always interesting, fun, more often than not cinematic, and uniquely Calexico.

Check them out on Pandora if nothing else!

Recipe – Oktyabr’s Red Beans and Rice July 3, 2010

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This is one of my favorite dishes and it’s cheap and easy to make too, if you have the patience. I first got plagued with the idea of trying it myself not long after all the cooking shows seemed to be doing spots on New Orleans during the hurricane recovery. Two or three shows mentioned the “traditional” dish “red beans and rice” but never went into detail over how it’s made. Several recipes I found online say that it’s origins are in making something out of the leftovers of a “traditional” (Catholic?) Sunday baked ham. Easy to start the beans soaking on Sunday and serve up on Monday!  One reference I found referred to using EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and bottled hot sauce as condiments with this dish as “Jamaican Style Red Beans and Rice” which is how I prefer it.  Since then I’ve also seen real recipes of the “Jamaican Style” that introduce coconut milk and hot peppers right in the dish.  I haven’t tried these yet but I will!

In a single paragraph (the quick and dirty method):

Recipe: Oktyabr’s Spanish Onion Soup July 2, 2010

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If you like the taste of onions this one is sure to please. Those having it for the first time are pleasantly surprised at how a great soup becomes creamy and rich as the melting cheese is stirred into the broth!

It’s named for the variety of onion, not the nationality of the dish. I actually learned it from my Grand Mother and I’m not sure where she learned it but I’ve made it from memory for several decades now. Most people I have taught this recipe to have added it to their “best” collection as well. Super simple and easy to make, cheap too, and like most of my favorite recipes this one just begs to be tweaked and tinkered with! Don’t be afraid to change things around and make this recipe truly your own! Doesn’t really matter how much or what seasonings you use… The onions and cheese are the stars of this show!

Ideas for New Games July 2, 2010

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60px-Gnome-joysticksvg.png I posted this on a forum for a major game company in a thread where members were invited to share their ideas about “Ideas for New Games”.  I put a lot of time and thought into  my post and thought it might be worthwhile to save it here as well.  The original thread can be found by clicking >here<.

I’ve been an FPS (First Person Shooter) player since the original DOOM, have played these games extensively and watched them evolve and progress over the last (nearly) two decades.  Before that I was a paper-and-pencil wargamer and RPG’er (Role Playing Games) and perhaps even a “rules junky”… collecting obscure games and rule books just to  study the mechanics and the different ways of making a good game.