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Windows Seven beta 1 and GIMP! January 21, 2009

Posted by oktyabr in Flock, GIMP, Seven beta, software, Windows.
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After there was so many problems for so many people getting GIMP for Windows to run under Vista (in fact it is still one of my most visited posts!) I wanted to tackle that one with “Seven” right off the bat…

Turns out that like my first experience getting this particular piece of software running under Vista that the GIMP performs equally well under the new Seven (used to indicate “beta 1” in this blog unless specified otherwise) without any hitch!  It may take a couple of minutes for GIMP to start up the first time you start it, especially if you have a large selection of fonts to deal with, but after the first go it should be snappy and responsive as ever.

Other software I quickly threw at it were two of my “essential” favorites…  The Flock web browser and Video Lan Client (or “VLC”) and both installed and worked “out of the box” without any problems.  I should also note that Adobe Flash Player also installed and ran great!

I’ll try to throw some tougher software at it soon…



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