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Ubuntu Studio: An interview with Project Manager Cory Kontros January 27, 2007

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I’ve known about, written about and even participated in the Ubuntu Studio project (in a limited capacity) in the past but had pretty much given it up as a project with good ideas but still a long way from any sort of maturity or release as a “distro” in it’s own right… until a link on Digg.com appeared quite recently. It seems that the project has found new momentum with new leadership and I thought I would take a closer look for myself.


Pandora podcasts! Music production unveiled January 19, 2007

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Pandora podcasts, from the friendly folks who brought you Pandora Radio, are a new collection of podcasts focused on a behind-the-scenes look at music production.

From “Recording vocals” and “Electric Guitar Effects” to “Drums and Drumming” this new podcast seems to hold promise for those wanting to expand their knowledge of how music is made.


ALSA sound card order January 18, 2007

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Sweet solution from the [linux-audio-user] mailing list!

On 1/3/07, David Stephens wrote:

>> simple solution sudo asoundconf list prints a list of all sound cards in the system
> sudo asoundconf set-default-card “very nice sound card”

linux-audio-user: Re: [linux-audio-user] Alsa sound card order.

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Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music v2.5 January 1, 2007

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Think you know something about electronic music? Think you know the history of “Rave” and “Techno”?! Not like Ishkur knows it! Ok, he even says himself that the purpose of the project is to entertain first and be informative last. (more…)