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Windows Seven beta 1, first impressions January 21, 2009

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I decided to jump on the beta bandwagon again and see if “Seven” really was a new windows or just Vista with a new name.  Here are my first  impressions but like anything else the old saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” may apply…

So far feels and looks like Vista to me. It’s nice to see that MS is finally including some sort of partition tool in the installer although it did hose my MBR (running with XP SP3 on one drive, linux on another, 7 on a third).

Disappointed that neither sound device I am currently running worked very well. My M-audio Delta 44 wasn’t even recognized and of course M-audio does not have “7” drivers yet. And no, Vista drivers would not work either.

The other card I’ve been running is an “old” (no longer supported by manufacturer) Creative Labs 5.1 “Live” that I primarily use because it has an amplified Mic input. Seven proudly installed drivers for this card, even including a little official Creative Labs icon next to the device, but sound output was horribly distorted sounding like what I think is simply overdriven. No tweaks I could easily try made a difference and I ended up leaving sound for later on down the road out of fear of damaging my speakers.

My Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard seemed to get the rest of it’s chips in order under Seven quite well, with the exception of the firewire port (IEEE 1394) which was recognized but refused to find an associated driver.

Wireless was detected and was easy to get up and running, again very similar to Vista. Screen resolution and configuration was also very nicely done, “out of the box”. The rest of my peripherals were detected and seem to work well with the exception of my Epson all in one which was detected as a Texas Instruments device with no suitable drivers to be found.

Would like to get some software compatibility testing in this week if I have time. Might install the 64 bit version on another partition as well. Anyone else benchmarked x86 and 64bit yet for comparison?

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