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Ye old “GIMP vs. Photoshop” revisited March 29, 2011

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My original post GIMP vs. Photoshop is still one of the posts that I get the most comments on, even though I wrote it over a year ago!  Not all of the comments get published though 😉 

This one did because after the name calling was done the writer actually had a point, sort of, so I thought maybe I’d revisit the topic…  What follows is the comment and my reply:



GIMP vs. Photoshop! January 5, 2010

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The GIMP vs. Photoshop


On any other forum those words would be considered trolling to start a flame war and the about.com post titled “GIMP: Like it or Lump it?” had some pretty strong opinions in the comments section and mine, which follows below, was one of them 😉  Some of the following might seem a bit out of context as I was referring to what others had said before me but I think you will get the gist of it:


Happy New Years! January 4, 2010

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2010 is finally here!  I remember being a teenager in high school and doing mental calculations of how old I would be at certain points in time; 2010 was one of them!  Man, it seemed so far away at the time too…

personal-1.jpg Anyway, this year my “New Year’s Resolution” is to give something back to the software developers that I have been taking for granted for so long (anyone remember installing debian from a stack of floppy discs?!?!)

My resolution, specifically, is to make a small donation each month to a free/open source software project or service, and of course to blog about it here!  I haven’t thought it out much and I kind of like the idea of picking one each month on the fly, so to speak, but my list will definitely include at least the following:

Flock 2.5 August 27, 2009

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Get Flock

My favorite web browser now integrates twitter, flickr, facebook and more with it’s new “Broadcast Anything” feature.  More good stuff where that came from too!  Check out the “What’s New” videos:  http://www.flock.com/tour/new.php

Blogged with the Flock Browser

My D-Link wireless card, Madwifi and the state of linux distros for the desktop January 10, 2009

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Here is one of those posts I write more for my personal reference in the future but I´m happy if someone else gets some use from the information too.

Today I´m posting from my new Ubuntu Studio 8.10 install.  This is after trying several new releases of other distros first and even though Ubuntu Studio is still missing a decent realtime kernel it still somehow ended up on my harddrive!  Here is the main reason why…


The social web browser – Flock revisited! February 16, 2008

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Over a year ago I posted about my fondness for this mozilla powered offshoot. How has it changed? Does it still rock?


Pidgin – Instant Messaging for the masses! February 16, 2008

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Doesn’t everyone instant message nowadays? Seems like you are offered a new protocol every time you turn the corner… sign up with a major ISP, get a new webmail account, whatever… but what about an open source, cross platform chat client that does it all? Pidgin comes pretty darn close to filling that bill!


Songbird – Play the web! February 15, 2008

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Songbird is a cross-platform web browser based on mozilla… that also finds music for you on the web… that also plays music, both from the web and your local drives… and acts as a music organizer letting you categorize, sort, search, and re-discover your tunes and playlists! Did I mention that it’s a web browser?!?!