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A year revisited February 29, 2008

Posted by oktyabr in audio, blogs, linux, opinions.
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As more and more musicians contemplate making the move to linux for audio work I thought it relevant when Inormal_DJ-tux-3_overlord59-tux.jpg came across a link on the LAU (Linux Audio User) mailing list to Sebastian Tschöpel’s blog and one post in particular that reflects on his experience making the move, or as Sebastian puts it:

I thought it would be time to sum up the experiences I made in the past year working (irregular) with Linux as audio production platform.


The social web browser – Flock revisited! February 16, 2008

Posted by oktyabr in browsers, cross platform, open source, software, web.


Over a year ago I posted about my fondness for this mozilla powered offshoot. How has it changed? Does it still rock?


Pidgin – Instant Messaging for the masses! February 16, 2008

Posted by oktyabr in cross platform, open source, other cool stuff, software, web.

Doesn’t everyone instant message nowadays? Seems like you are offered a new protocol every time you turn the corner… sign up with a major ISP, get a new webmail account, whatever… but what about an open source, cross platform chat client that does it all? Pidgin comes pretty darn close to filling that bill!


Songbird – Play the web! February 15, 2008

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Songbird is a cross-platform web browser based on mozilla… that also finds music for you on the web… that also plays music, both from the web and your local drives… and acts as a music organizer letting you categorize, sort, search, and re-discover your tunes and playlists! Did I mention that it’s a web browser?!?!


Dream a little dream… of Debian February 13, 2008

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Some of you might have noticed I haven’t posted much on the linux front (or any other for that matter!) for awhile… This post is likely to be the first of several in a related series and the first to explain why I haven’t posted and why I am again now!

To make a long story short I moved across the state, built a new computer and ended up using wireless as my only connection to the net for the very first time…