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Dub FX: One Man Band… redefined! February 2, 2010

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Recently a buddy of mine turned me onto a “street muscian” from Australia that goes by the name “Dub FX”.  Dub FX has been travelling the world for the last couple of years performing in public squares, shopping centers, etc.  With the help of a hand dolly to haul around a couple of car batteries, an amplified speaker, and some very cool gear including a loop station and some effects pedals, he’s basically redefined what a “one man band” might mean!



And the best free audio DAW for Windows is… Linux MultiMedia Studio?!?!? January 9, 2009

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YES!  That is right!  Linux MultiMedia Studio, or “LMMS” as it’s more often called, now has a very nice Windows port! 120px-Lmms_logo.png

Quoting from their website LMMS aims to be “
a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer.”  And FL-studio users will feel right at home with LMMS and with no sting in the pocketbook either…


Ubuntu Studio: An interview with Project Manager Cory Kontros January 27, 2007

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I’ve known about, written about and even participated in the Ubuntu Studio project (in a limited capacity) in the past but had pretty much given it up as a project with good ideas but still a long way from any sort of maturity or release as a “distro” in it’s own right… until a link on Digg.com appeared quite recently. It seems that the project has found new momentum with new leadership and I thought I would take a closer look for myself.


Pandora podcasts! Music production unveiled January 19, 2007

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Pandora podcasts, from the friendly folks who brought you Pandora Radio, are a new collection of podcasts focused on a behind-the-scenes look at music production.

From “Recording vocals” and “Electric Guitar Effects” to “Drums and Drumming” this new podcast seems to hold promise for those wanting to expand their knowledge of how music is made.


What if Splice Music was a martial art? December 18, 2006

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My research has led me to the realization that creating music using Splice and participating in the Splice community isn’t as casual as it may first appear! In fact I’m quite certain that sometime in the distant past there might have been a secret discipline involved… one that I have come to call SPLICE-FU!

Think you are worthy?


Dyne:bolic 2.3 dhoruba review December 5, 2006

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Today I’m going to (try to) review Dyne:bolic 2.3, code named “Dhoruba Solid State”!

Dyne:bolic 2.3 is a “live CD” meaning that you can run it anywhere on any machine that has a CD-ROM drive. The computer doesn’t even need a harddrive to run a “live” CD! But best of all this is a live “multimedia” distro!


Splicemusic online December 2, 2006

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Ok, I’m guilty…

I’ve been having so much fun playing around with Splicemusic myself that I have totally ignored that fact that this website is definately aching for a blogpost! So, better late than never, let me introduce Splicemusic beta!

Ever wanted to remix some songs? Ever heard a cool drum break that got you thinking exactly what you would do with it if you had the software? Have a couple of recordings you did as the “human beatbox” on your desktop microphone and nothing fun to do with them? Well, my friends, Splice
may be exactly what the doctor ordered…


Windows music creation: MIDI studio for FREE! October 19, 2006

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Music Composition: MIDI studio for FREE!

If you don’t know what MIDI is it stands for “Musical Instrument Digital Interface” and encompasses not only common protocols that enable different software and hardware to exchange data but also may be thought of as a means of conveying the information itself (i.e., “.mid files”). If you need more than that it’s been around since the early 1980’s and google will turn up quite a few links Wink


Windows music creation: VST wrappers aka Softsynths for n00bs October 19, 2006

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Music Composition: VST wrappers aka Soft Synths for n00bs

I’m no musician!!! And this topic is much broader than I could possibly cover here by myself in any reasonable amount of time! But I absolutely love sound and music. I love pressing a button and making a sound, especially if it is a sound uniquely tuned by me. Are there others out there too? I think so… So let’s make a sound:


Windows music creation: Synthesizers and Effects October 19, 2006

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Music Compositon: Synthesizers and Effects

One of my sparkling gems in this category has to be ZynAddSubFx! This isn’t just a “synthesizer”, it’s a whole freakin synthesizer workshop! Polyphonic, multitimbral and microtonal, this bit of kit comes with so many bells and whistles that the author could probably write a 200+ page users manual, if he wanted to. Superior to many of the commercial soft-synths (and hard synths too!) out there this one won’t cost you a dime. Cross-platform too! Of course Zyn isn’t the only FREE “softsynth” out there!


Windows Music Creation: Tracker apps October 19, 2006

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Music Composition: Tracker – apps

This is something that I have been exploring to some depth in the linux world (just ask me! I dare ya! Laughing ) and have accumulated some valuable links for the windows world as a fringe benefit!


Music Lovers Freeware: #1 Intro October 19, 2006

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Yeah, but why only FREE?

Because one of my essential beliefs is simply that creativity should never be hindered by whether or not you have money to spend!


Ubuntu Studio: Music for Human Beings February 20, 2006

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Ubuntu Studio is an exciting new project headed by Dana Olson that acts as a central repository of work and ideas that endeavours to the goal of making ubuntu a suitable distribution for realtime audio creation.

Currently present as a wiki it already contains much useful information and is growing fast with the help of many interested ubuntu users.

Keep your eyes on this one!

Dapper music software February 20, 2006

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Besides Seq24-0.7.0 which I had to build from source I’ve actually had pretty good luck with many Dapper 3 audio softwares! Here is a list of all the audio apps (minus dependancies) I have successfully gotten to install since I started this build several hours ago:

ams_1.8.7-5 Alsa Modular Synth
amsynth_1.1.0-2build1 another cool softsynth
ardour-doc_0.99-3 Ardour documents
ardour-gtk-i686_0.99 Ardour DAW. Blazing fast and bug free so far
ardour-session-exchange_0.99-3 collaborate with your friends!
audacity_1.2.4b-2 excellent sound editor
blop_0.2.8-3 LADSPA plugins
bristol_0.9.1-13 cool vintage synthesizer emulator
cmt_1.15-3 LADSPA plugins
darkice_0.16-1 live audio streaming engine
darksnow_0.6-0 simple GUI frontend to darkice
easytag_1.99.11-1 audio file tag editor
fluidsynth_1.0.6-4 soundfont player
freebirth_0.3.2-4 software bass synthesizer/step sequencer
freewheeling_0.5pre4-4 neat live audio loop recording and playback
freqtweak_0.6.1-1.2 fft filter set with gui
horgand_1.07-1 cool organ synth with auto accomp and more
hydrogen_0.9.2final-3 king of linux drum machines
jackbeat_0.5.4-1 drum machine-like audio sequencer for Jack
jackd_0.100.0-4 JACK audio driver
jackeq_0.4.0-2 interesting LADSPA capable eq and audio routing
jack-rack_1.4.4-3 Jack LADSPA filter bay
jamin_0.95.0-3 Jack compliant mastering suite
kluppe_0.5.1-1 audio looper designed for live performance
kstreamripper_0.3.4-2 rips audio streams to harddrive
mcp-plugins_0.3.0-3 LADSPA plugins
mhwaveedit_1.4.5b-1 jack compliant sound editor
mpg321_0.2.10.3 command line sound file player
muse_0.7.1+0.7.2pre5-1 MIDI/audio multitrack workstation
qjackctl_0.2.19a-1 JACK GUI interface
qsynth_0.2.4-1 QT frontend to the fluidsynth soundfont player
ripperx_2.6.7-2 CD ripper and encoder GUI frontend
rosegarden4_1.0-1.2 MIDI/audio sequencer, score editor, and editing environment
somaplayer_0.5.2-2.1build2 flexible soundfile player, jack compliant
sooperlooper_1.0.5-5 live looping sampler
soundstretch_1.3.0-2 change pitch or length without effecting the other
sox_12.17.9-1 general purpose sound player/converter/recorder
specimen_0.4.5-3.1 midi based wave sampler on a per-key basis
spiralsynthmodular_0.2.2a-2.1 very flexible modular synth
streamripper_1.61.17-1 records audio streams to harddrive
swh-plugins_0.4.14-1 LADSPA plugins
tagtool_0.12.2-1 another sound file tag editor
tap-plugins_0.7.0-2 LADSPA plugins
terminatorx_3.82-4 wave synth that simulates turntables
timemachine_0.3.0-3 small, very cool recording app for Jack
timidity_2.13.2-7 interesting MIDI synth
tk707_0.7.21-9 emulates Roland’s TR-707 Rhythm Composer
vkeybd_1%3a0.1.17-2 virtual MIDI keyboard with controllers
xmms_1.2.10+cvs20050809-4 excellent sound file player with lots of plugins
xmms-jackasyn_0.3-1 XMMS plugin that autodetects JACK and will play regardless
zynaddsubfx_2.2.1-2.1 excellent, very flexible synth

WHEW! Not bad for one afternoon, eh? 😉

Next up will be trying to build Freecycle beat slicer from scratch and then maybe tackling the DSSI packages for debian. Stay tuned!

MIDI Problems with QjackCtl February 20, 2006

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I get the following error:

Could not open ALSA sequencer as a client.

MIDI patchbay will be not available.

In the message console I get the same message followed by the line:
ALSA lib seq_hw.c:455:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory.

I’m still too much of linux n00b to fully understand what that means or how to go about fixing it. The real world result is that I have no MIDI capabilities when this happens. I’m running a USB MAudio Midisport 4×4 which runs perfectly in Demudi 1.2.1 and is at least properly detected in Kanotix (another debian). Google seems to suggest I need to rebuild my ALSA libraries but I have yet to find a well written HOWTO that might fix this problem.

Have any clues?”


/dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory

solution: modprobe snd-seq