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Vista and GIMP July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in opinions, personal, screenshots, Windows.

I kind of like the new version of Windows Media Player too. I can see how this would appeal to peeps used to an iTunes sort of interface for managing large collections. I AM disappointed that WMP doesn’t include links for popular streaming sites like Shoutcast “out of the box”.In other news GTK+ 2 runtime and GIMP 2.11 install and run flawlessly as this screenshot will demonstrate

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1. ShinyBubble - February 4, 2007

Sweet, I was wondering if it was safe to install GIMP on Vista. The official GIMP site doesn’t seem to say anything on the subject. Thanks!

2. oktyabr - February 5, 2007

You bet!

3. tropfstein - March 16, 2007

wow, what a wonderful desktop background šŸ™‚ is this image available anywhere?

4. me - April 10, 2007

My gimp crashes when it looks for fonts on my vista….

nathan garnett - August 5, 2010

have you got the latest version of gimp, as this is a known fault.
gimp 2.6 runs flawlessly with vista for me

5. me_too! - April 13, 2007

Yup mine will not get past looking for fonts either!

6. oktyabr - April 14, 2007


Sorry to hear that guys! The only version I had working was the beta of Vista *Ultimate*. Still use XP Pro (and linux) since Vista went gold.

I’ll keep looking though and see if I can’t find a fix for this since it’s obviously not a fluke thing.

7. oktyabr - April 14, 2007

tropfstein — sorry!

Looked through all my archives and I can’t find it. I am left believing it was a wallpaper released with Vista Ultimate beta last fall… that I somehow forgot to copy over to my own archives.

Anyone else know where to find it? I still like that wallpaper!

8. evil elviss - April 18, 2007

Im usin da oul vista too and having the exact same problem with gimp. But in relation to the guy looking for the pic it should be in your public folders in public pictures. Hope you find it and also hope vista starts to get a bit less buggy!!
Wish i could understand Linux!

9. Kevin - April 29, 2007

I have Gimp working flawlessly on Vista Home Premium. I do recall having to do something with the file ‘.fonts.cache-1’ in my \Users\kevin home directory. I think the process was to close Gimp, then delete the file, and start up Gimp again.

10. evilelviss - May 1, 2007

Just let the gimp load for awhile and eventually it will work, no need for directory stuff.

11. MockingBird - May 5, 2007

Gimp crashes for me when I try to use the inking tool. Could this be something like the fonts issue? I’m running Gimp 1.2.

12. /Progressive_Fatality/ - May 8, 2007

I thought GIMP was crashing to but the third time round i just let it run, instead of letting Vista home premium tell me that it wasn’t working.

Once it had searched through and found the files it has worked perfectly

13. eglKoke - May 19, 2007

yup, I was thrown by the length of time it takes the first time it starts also. Vista thinks it has stopped responding while its looking for fonts!!
Let it run and be patient. Its worth the wait :))

14. GIMP lover - June 13, 2007

re vista compatibility: my new Q6600 oc’d 3.4ghz, RAID0, MS vista ult, office 2007, expression, etc… GIMP spent about 20 sec searching for fonts, but otherwise works OK (couple hiccups like text being whited out when selected, etc). GIMP probably searches for fonts/etc longer on slower systems or those drives with lots of files (this is a new build with fresh software installed, not 1,000,000 jessica alba pictures to check for fonts, etc). the installer’s not crashed, it’s searching, let it run! thanks GIMP dudes!

15. Robin - June 16, 2007

Re: Wallpaper

it’s called “Forrest” By Darrell Gulin and is included in Vista
can be got here http://www.vistawallpapers.com/img6384.htm

16. GIMP...yay! - June 26, 2007

I agree with the people above, GIMP works with Windows Vista, but ittakes a while to get the fonts. Vista will tell you that it isnot responding, but just sit through the slow spot, and you will be happy.
: )

17. adojaan - July 3, 2007

Seems it does not create fonts.cache-1 file in Vista. Therefore there is nothing to delete and it always tries to do it again

18. oktyabr - July 4, 2007

This is excellent information to have adojaan. Thanks!

The first thing that comes to my mind is a simple permissions problem?

19. stephen - July 16, 2007

Gimp doesn’t create the fonts.cache-1 file for me either. I tried to change gimp’s default font directory to c:\windows\fonts\ but I had the same problem at startup. If I try to refresh the font options in the program, it crashes. When it searches, it’s also using one of my dual core processors (I know this from my MultiMeter processor and memory gadget) more than any other program I’ve seen yet. I’ve also tried to “Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 2)” under rightclick-properties-compatibility. In terms of permissions, under rightclick-properties-security it has all permissions except “Special Permissions.” Anyone have any ideas?

20. clay - July 19, 2007

Having the same problem of slow load of fonts with The Gimp on Windows Vista.
If i drop back to GTK+ version 2.6.10 the file .font.cache-1 is created and The gimp quickly gets through the font section of its load. If i use the latest GTK+ (v 2.10.13) the file stays in place but the loading again sticks on the fonts.
The only issue i have using the older GTK+ is that the menu items blank out when you select them. .not a critical thing but i thought i’d mention it.

21. josua - August 16, 2007

I’ve problem using GIMP aplication under Vista.
I install GIMP under vista that had join to one domain.
And the problem is
if user from domain login to that computer and want to use GIMP, the vista always ask administrator privilage of my domain.
I’ve put my user account that same as administrator account domain but it’s not work.

Help me Please.
Anyone have Idea.

22. Counsel - October 9, 2007

I can’t get GTK 2 to install. I get the following error:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction. CS:1208 IP:…..
Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application.

Everyone else gets it to install without any problems?

My version is 2.10.13.

23. Sam - October 18, 2007

I wrote a blog entry on how to work around the GIMP hanging on Windows Vista whilst loading fonts. Please note that I have updated the URL.

Read the blog entry

Hope this is useful šŸ™‚

24. Julian - April 4, 2008

The blog entry from Sam is no longer available. šŸ˜¦

25. meet uncle hussein - April 16, 2008

thanks clay… worked like a charm

26. Ray - May 24, 2008

It’s also worth noting that v2.4.5 seems to support Vista and not have this font caching problem (except the first time, of course :-).

27. Shaun - August 8, 2008

Wow Vista sure is stupid to think that it has stopped responding because it doesn’t seem to be doing much.

It even goes pure white as some that isnt responding normally would, strange stuff.

Thanks for the advice šŸ˜‰

28. Asp - October 5, 2008

I cant download GIMP on Vista >.> it won’t let me. HELP ME

29. createmo - November 2, 2008

Thank you for your website šŸ™‚
I made with photoshop backgrounds for myspace and youtube and whatever
my backgrounds:http://tinyurl.com/6r7cav
have a great day and thank you again!

30. Windows Seven beta 1 and GIMP! « Oktyabr’s Notepad - January 21, 2009

[…] problems for so many people getting GIMP for Windows to run under Vista (in fact it is still one of my most visited posts!) I wanted to tackle that one with “Seven” right off the […]

31. Brb - March 26, 2009

Mine crashes when it looks for the brushes. I should use my linux more often. (Dual boot)

32. purple-circle - April 1, 2009

I’m running the latest release on a x64 Windows 7 machine and it works almost perfectly.

33. Uydoo - April 11, 2009

good article…

34. Ashley - August 1, 2009

I’m patient when the font load takes forever on vista. but 90% of the time after i place a photo on the board and i click an option like contrast, or image colors….it says GIMP is no longer working. click here to close program!

i actually got two photos fully done! but i guess that was just luck! šŸ˜¦

any help?

35. Linda Wilson - August 2, 2009

My newest ‘stable’ version closes when I try to do anything with the Colors Tab. I downloaded GIMP 2.66 on my new Dell with Vista Ultimate. Has anyone any ideas on what I need to do here? I bought a more powerful Studio Computer so I could really get down and dirty with my GIMP program. Now what? I can’t even use it!

36. Jazmyn Reed - August 27, 2009

my gimp for the first couple days worked fine now it wont even start i have a dell laptop with vista any advice on what i should do plz help

oktyabr - August 27, 2009

Are you SURE it isn’t starting? Reboot the computer, close everything that you absolutely don’t need, try to start GIMP *one time*. Wait a minute or two and see if anything pops up on the desktop.

Open the Task Manager by right clicking on the task bar (at the bottom of the screen) and selecting “Task Manager”. You can also open it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. (CTRL+ALT+DEL on some machines).

Click on the “Applications” tab. Does the GIMP show up in that list? It might be called “GNU Image Manipulation Program”, i.e. “GIMP”. If it does and still no GIMP on the desktop right click on the GIMP in the Applications tab and select “Go To Process”. Report back here what it says in the “CPU” and “Mem Usage” tab.

If it doesn’t show up try reinstalling both GTK+ and then the GIMP. Make *sure* you install GTK+ FIRST! Even though it shouldn’t require it reboot the computer after both of these are reinstalled and start again at the top. The following link has installers that should have both GTK and GIMP in one package.

This page should include a good installer that should work fine with Vista. Be SURE that if you are running Vista 64 bit that you download and install the 64 bit version! If you are not running a 64 bit version of windows then be sure to install the 32 bit one at the top. The two are NOT interchangeable!


37. oktyabr - August 28, 2009

You can also try running it in a different compatibility mode which asks Vista to pretend it is a different version of windows just for that specific program, in this case The GIMP. Right click the GIMP startup icon and select “Properties”. Select the “Compatibility” tab. Check the box that says “Run this program as” and then select a different version of windows and finally click “Apply”. Start with the newest version of windows, perhaps XP? See if that works.

38. David - March 27, 2010

I’m running Vista Home Basic. Gimp opens on the toolbox page rather than the console, and there’s no way to get to any other page.

39. Abby - April 25, 2010

Yeah, just as long as you wait a couple of minutes, it will start working. I had the same issue. I even deleted the program and reinstalled it to see if that was the problem, but I just waited and it came up.

40. David - April 26, 2010

Thanks Abby. I followed your recipe and voila–it’s up and running!

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