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The sweet, sweet evil that is Facebook… November 24, 2012

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Facebook!  How I love thee… How I HATE thee!

It seems as if Facebook has put a real dent in the more traditional examples of self-publishing, including this very blog.  Is this a good thing?  Well… it means that maybe you have an easier time finding like-minded people to have topical discussions with.  Want to know the right way to milk a yak?  Yup, there is a facebook group or page for it.  And yet all is not sunny in the land of Facebook!  It has many small problems that I am personally perplexed as to why they exist!



Ye old “GIMP vs. Photoshop” revisited March 29, 2011

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My original post GIMP vs. Photoshop is still one of the posts that I get the most comments on, even though I wrote it over a year ago!  Not all of the comments get published though 😉 

This one did because after the name calling was done the writer actually had a point, sort of, so I thought maybe I’d revisit the topic…  What follows is the comment and my reply:


The Uninformed Skeptic: Eat Right For Your Type January 28, 2009

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It was one of those occasions when a relatively large group of my extended family gathered together in a public establishment for an  extended period of time, in this case, a fairly popular restaurant.  The menu was extensive and offered many appetizing choices and I mulled my decision for quite awhile with a growing amount of impatience and suggestions from parent and sibling alike.  One suggestion suddenly stuck out from the rest:  “You shouldn’t eat that… you have the same blood type as me.” That’s how the argument started…