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What are you listening to? January 16, 2008

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So this winter has been good for my music collection and I’ve been steadily broadening my tastes with lots of new stuff!


Scanner to Fax on broadband January 12, 2008

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personal.jpgThe other day I did a stupid thing. I accidentally locked the keys to vehicle in the ignition with it running. And no, I didn’t have a spare! A call to a local locksmith fixed it in about 30 seconds for which I was billed a nice US$65! Luckily the locksmith said that I *might* be able to get it reimbursed through my insurance company. Why yes! They were happy to reimburse me! All I had to do was slap a 41 cent stamp on an envelope and drop the invoice in the mail or I could fax the invoice to them! Sweet! FAX! Instant gratification! How hard could it be?