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Image tags (those little pictures I use)


I built this page to post my “image tags” on with a little explanation for each one.  “Image tags” is an idea that’s been around awhile and really more important on blogs and other news services that run lots of posts every day and tend to put LOTS of them on a single page.  The idea is that if each article or post has a symbol that indicates what the topic might be about that a reader can  scroll down a page full of them and quickly find ones of particular interest.  Some times if I’m posting about a very specific thing I’ll use an image of that thing… a new car for example will have a small photo of the car, a new CD might have an image of the cover…  But sometimes my posts aren’t that specific and that’s where (I hope) my use of image tags might help out a bit.

I call this one “Personal“.  No, that doesn’t mean “private” or anything like that or I’d never have a reason to use it!  Basically I use this one for any article I write that doesn’t fit any other category any better!  It might also contain stuff I know I should have the “In MY Personal Opinion” disclaimer or whatever.  Basically when you see this tag you can assume it means that I am saying “I don’t know about anyone else but I think…”

I’ve been using it for so long I don’t remember where I got it.

I call this one “Green Tech” and basically use it when a post deals with the environment, sustainability, alternative energy, recycling, or anything else more or less “green”.  I built it in a great, free vector art program called Inkscape by combining other people’s clipart I found at Openclipart.  I’d like to give credit to each artist but some were listed as “anonymous” and this image is actually built up of many different images.  If you recognize part of this image as yours and want a personal mention please comment or drop me a note, and thanks in advance!

This simple looking icon is used for posts about Games, in case some of you are too young to recognize that as a joy stick.  Yes, they really only had one button on them when I was a kid!

This little friendly looking penguin dude has become somewhat iconic of all things Linux and so I use it similarly here.  I’m assuming most of my readers at least have an idea what Linux is but just in case…  There are many operating systems that are used to get computers to do the things they are supposed to.  The three big ones used by most people on a laptop or desktop computer are, of course Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and finally Linux.  Linux has the advantages of being “open source”, meaning you can change anything about the way it works, provided you have the needed skills, and also that it’s entirely free.

This one I call Studio and I basically use it when discussing how to make music or music that I’ve made.

I call this one “Listen to this!” and almost always the article this shows up in will have some great music to check out… or at least what I think is great music 😉  Might be a new CD, a new band or artist, an internet radio station, a new online music store, or whatever.  It’s about other people’s music, not music I made myself.

This one really doesn’t have a name, maybe “Testing“,  but I like to use it when  a post is about a solution to a problem or trying to find a solution to a problem.  I encourage comments and suggestions on any of my posts but ones with this image tag in it is usually something I’m particularly interested in working out and would doubly appreciate any help my readers can give me!


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