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A Personal Perspective: Children and Parenthood May 30, 2010

Posted by oktyabr in personal.
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“A wise man learns from his mistakes” or so it’s said.  I say a smart man learns from others mistakes. personal-1.jpg

That said my biggest wish for my children…  for ANY children…  is that they get to remain children as long as possible.  That they get to experience the wonder and growth of childhood in a natural, lesiurely fashion and aren’t (hopefully) made to experience those things better left to adults any sooner than absolutely necessary.

My biggest goal as a parent is and always has been to facilitate the above to the best of my abilities…  and perhaps, if any improvement can be found, to strive to be a better parent than mine were to me.  I hope my children also follow this rule and try to pass it down to their children and so on.

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