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My D-Link wireless card, Madwifi and the state of linux distros for the desktop January 10, 2009

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Here is one of those posts I write more for my personal reference in the future but I´m happy if someone else gets some use from the information too.

Today I´m posting from my new Ubuntu Studio 8.10 install.  This is after trying several new releases of other distros first and even though Ubuntu Studio is still missing a decent realtime kernel it still somehow ended up on my harddrive!  Here is the main reason why…



IMAGE – Dell Makes Ubuntu Official! May 2, 2007

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This image on Dell’s website makes it pretty official…..

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The embargo is over: Ubuntu will be officially supported on Dell computers. May 1, 2007

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From your humble servant at Canonical:”
’s now official. That’s it, the embargo is over. We can talk. Many people have been involved in this and I can only say I am excited to be a tiny small part of it: Ubuntu will be officially supported on Dell computers. Any other details will come on http://www.ubuntu.com, check it for the official press release!”

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Ubuntu Studio: An interview with Project Manager Cory Kontros January 27, 2007

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I’ve known about, written about and even participated in the Ubuntu Studio project (in a limited capacity) in the past but had pretty much given it up as a project with good ideas but still a long way from any sort of maturity or release as a “distro” in it’s own right… until a link on Digg.com appeared quite recently. It seems that the project has found new momentum with new leadership and I thought I would take a closer look for myself.


Kubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” Herd 1: realtime test drive! December 8, 2006

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So what’s this sexy new *buntu have under the hood?

More importantly (at least to me!) is it any good for multimedia?


Kubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” Herd 1 pre-release: a quick photo tour December 7, 2006

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Today the official announcement that “herd 1”, the first public pre-release for what will eventually become Ubuntu 7.04, code named “Feisty Fawn” made it’s way around the linux news sites.

Being a debian and seeing how I finally managed to completely destroy my previous 64Studio install (no fault of the distro itself!) I thought I would give it a quick spin around the block.


Ubuntu Herd 1 released December 7, 2006

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From the official announcement:

Come, rest in this bosom, my own stricken deer,
Though the herd have fled from thee, thy home is still here:

Here still is the smile that no cloud can o’ercast,
And the heart and the hand all thy own to the last.

– Thomas Moore, Come, Rest In This Bosom


rsync is a beautiful thing! August 6, 2006

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rsync is a computer program for Unix systems which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate. An important feature of rsync not found in most similar programs/protocols is that the mirroring takes place with only one transmission in each direction.”

That’s from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync

Now before I get into the meat of this post let me qualify this by saying that I am NOT a linux guru and I don’t do IT for a living! (more…)

Ubuntu Release 6.10 “Edgy Eft” is out! July 28, 2006

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Released 7-20-06: Unlike previous versions of distrowatch.com’s “most popular distro” 6.10 Edgy Eft “Knot” (what will become Ubuntu 6.10) has had comparatively little press!

According to the official announcement:

Pre-releases of Edgy are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are however recommended for Ubuntu developers and those who want to help in testing, reporting, and fixing bugs. (more…)

Ubuntu Dapper adds graphical installer goodness February 20, 2006

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Dapper Drake flight cd 4 is out, and the big change is the addition of a graphical installer called Espresso (about time too). The iso’s are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/dapper/flight-4/. Also hints of another Ubuntu-based distro.

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Ubuntu DVD and Multimedia softwares February 20, 2006

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 Shows where to get the “restricted” libdvdcss2, win32 codecs and other binaries required to complete you Ubuntu multimedia experience. Includes links to the .deb pacakges in case the repositories are down just when you need it.

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Ubuntu Studio: Music for Human Beings February 20, 2006

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Ubuntu Studio is an exciting new project headed by Dana Olson that acts as a central repository of work and ideas that endeavours to the goal of making ubuntu a suitable distribution for realtime audio creation.

Currently present as a wiki it already contains much useful information and is growing fast with the help of many interested ubuntu users.

Keep your eyes on this one!

Dapper preemptive kernel and rtlimits February 20, 2006

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Discovered that the Dapper 6.04 “flight 3” kernels, including the one on the iso report the following:

#cat /boot/config-2.6.15-12-386 | grep PREEMPT


This is something that has been missing from the current “breezy” kernels and seems to suggest that Ubuntu will be offering a true preemptive kernel that should improve desktop latency for realtime apps like jackd and clients!

Abandoning “realtime-lsm” for “rtlimits”, which I first read about at Jonathan Woithe’s Home page has made configuring realtime access on a user/group level basis as well as per invidual application very easy and most importantly, FAST!

Refer to his page on “set_rtlimits” for a handly little app that works quite well to ease this process: http://tapas.affenbande.org/?page_id=22 *updated package at his home page*

This has allowed me to get much better performance than when using ‘realtime-lsm’ on a breezy kernel… 5.8ms in KDE and 2.9ms in a conservative fluxbox or even xfce4 enviroment under load with zero xruns and cpu-dsp usage (as reported by qjackctl and ardour) usually no higher than 10-11%!

Very nice! Ubuntu as a music creation enviroment. /me is in bliss

Dapper music software February 20, 2006

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Besides Seq24-0.7.0 which I had to build from source I’ve actually had pretty good luck with many Dapper 3 audio softwares! Here is a list of all the audio apps (minus dependancies) I have successfully gotten to install since I started this build several hours ago:

ams_1.8.7-5 Alsa Modular Synth
amsynth_1.1.0-2build1 another cool softsynth
ardour-doc_0.99-3 Ardour documents
ardour-gtk-i686_0.99 Ardour DAW. Blazing fast and bug free so far
ardour-session-exchange_0.99-3 collaborate with your friends!
audacity_1.2.4b-2 excellent sound editor
blop_0.2.8-3 LADSPA plugins
bristol_0.9.1-13 cool vintage synthesizer emulator
cmt_1.15-3 LADSPA plugins
darkice_0.16-1 live audio streaming engine
darksnow_0.6-0 simple GUI frontend to darkice
easytag_1.99.11-1 audio file tag editor
fluidsynth_1.0.6-4 soundfont player
freebirth_0.3.2-4 software bass synthesizer/step sequencer
freewheeling_0.5pre4-4 neat live audio loop recording and playback
freqtweak_0.6.1-1.2 fft filter set with gui
horgand_1.07-1 cool organ synth with auto accomp and more
hydrogen_0.9.2final-3 king of linux drum machines
jackbeat_0.5.4-1 drum machine-like audio sequencer for Jack
jackd_0.100.0-4 JACK audio driver
jackeq_0.4.0-2 interesting LADSPA capable eq and audio routing
jack-rack_1.4.4-3 Jack LADSPA filter bay
jamin_0.95.0-3 Jack compliant mastering suite
kluppe_0.5.1-1 audio looper designed for live performance
kstreamripper_0.3.4-2 rips audio streams to harddrive
mcp-plugins_0.3.0-3 LADSPA plugins
mhwaveedit_1.4.5b-1 jack compliant sound editor
mpg321_0.2.10.3 command line sound file player
muse_0.7.1+0.7.2pre5-1 MIDI/audio multitrack workstation
qjackctl_0.2.19a-1 JACK GUI interface
qsynth_0.2.4-1 QT frontend to the fluidsynth soundfont player
ripperx_2.6.7-2 CD ripper and encoder GUI frontend
rosegarden4_1.0-1.2 MIDI/audio sequencer, score editor, and editing environment
somaplayer_0.5.2-2.1build2 flexible soundfile player, jack compliant
sooperlooper_1.0.5-5 live looping sampler
soundstretch_1.3.0-2 change pitch or length without effecting the other
sox_12.17.9-1 general purpose sound player/converter/recorder
specimen_0.4.5-3.1 midi based wave sampler on a per-key basis
spiralsynthmodular_0.2.2a-2.1 very flexible modular synth
streamripper_1.61.17-1 records audio streams to harddrive
swh-plugins_0.4.14-1 LADSPA plugins
tagtool_0.12.2-1 another sound file tag editor
tap-plugins_0.7.0-2 LADSPA plugins
terminatorx_3.82-4 wave synth that simulates turntables
timemachine_0.3.0-3 small, very cool recording app for Jack
timidity_2.13.2-7 interesting MIDI synth
tk707_0.7.21-9 emulates Roland’s TR-707 Rhythm Composer
vkeybd_1%3a0.1.17-2 virtual MIDI keyboard with controllers
xmms_1.2.10+cvs20050809-4 excellent sound file player with lots of plugins
xmms-jackasyn_0.3-1 XMMS plugin that autodetects JACK and will play regardless
zynaddsubfx_2.2.1-2.1 excellent, very flexible synth

WHEW! Not bad for one afternoon, eh? 😉

Next up will be trying to build Freecycle beat slicer from scratch and then maybe tackling the DSSI packages for debian. Stay tuned!

Dapper 3 Seq24 from source February 20, 2006

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In answer to the problems I had installing Seq24 in my last post I decided to build it from source. First I had to download it from http://www.filter24.org/seq24/ and then make sure I had all the neccessary build tools. It said on the page it used “automake” and “autoconf” to build so I got those. First build didn’t find “libasound-headers” so tried to install the libasound2-dev package (and dependancies) but my us.archive.ubuntu repository gave me a 404. Pulling a trick out of my sleeve I learned some time ago I fired up nano and changed the “us” references in /etc/apt/sources.list to “ca” instead, which worked wonderfully (thank you Canada!)

Also had to install gtkmm2.0 and dev packages which I did find in the Ubuntu repositores. Fresh version of Seq24 up and running!

Oh, to aid in my fluxbox endevours I also did sudo apt-get install ark rox-filer. Start rox-filer with the “rox” command. It’s a fairly lightweight graphical filemanager, perfect for fluxy. Right clicked on my seq24-0.7.0.tar.gz and selected “Set Run Action” from the menu and then put “ark” in front of the wildcard symbols they have in the popup box. Sure, couldn’t have extracted it from command line pretty quick too but figured hey, Ubuntu is a GUI distro, right? 😉 Now you KDE and Gnome guys should feel a little more at home!