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Tutorial: How to listen to your “local” radio stations on your computer December 28, 2009

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This is a tutorial on how to listen to  “local” radio stations on your computer!

Why?  I know, I can hear some of you saying right now “just turn on a fricken radio!”  Well, this method has a couple of advantages… one, it doesn’t require a radio!  Two, it might let you listen to more channels, with better clarity, than you will get on your typical AM/FM, even some of those “HD radio” streams!  Ok, ok, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) based on where you live.  But, for an example, I live south of Seattle and using this method I can listen to any of 67 “local” radio stations from my desktop, most of which I would be lucky to tune in at all on a convential radio where I live.  I would be interested in hearing from you that live in more rural areas too!   I’m not sure how or why the software I will detail in this tutorial works the way it does but I’m curious to know how well it works in other parts of the world too.  Let me know, mkay?

Let’s get started!


Re: What makes a good MMORPG December 27, 2009

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I originally posted the following on a forum thread with the above title. People that know me know that I’ve been working on a similar project literally for years, even before powerful computers were commonplace (yeah, I’m that old).

What I am more concerned about is doing what hasn’t been done before or at the very least striving to progress in that direction. Some things that are overlooked in *most* of today’s MMORPGs: