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[RANT MODE ON] The future of rally sims on the PC looks rather bleak to me… November 25, 2012

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I am a “sim racer”.  For those that don’t know that means that my love for all kinds of cars, racing, and anything else that goes fast has been extended to my computer as well.  I not only play racing “games”, I play racing SIMULATIONS!  Specifically I am quite fond of “rally racing”, both as a spectator sport and as a racing type that I like to play on the computer…



Re: What makes a good MMORPG December 27, 2009

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I originally posted the following on a forum thread with the above title. People that know me know that I’ve been working on a similar project literally for years, even before powerful computers were commonplace (yeah, I’m that old).

What I am more concerned about is doing what hasn’t been done before or at the very least striving to progress in that direction. Some things that are overlooked in *most* of today’s MMORPGs: