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The sweet, sweet evil that is Facebook… November 24, 2012

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Facebook!  How I love thee… How I HATE thee!

It seems as if Facebook has put a real dent in the more traditional examples of self-publishing, including this very blog.  Is this a good thing?  Well… it means that maybe you have an easier time finding like-minded people to have topical discussions with.  Want to know the right way to milk a yak?  Yup, there is a facebook group or page for it.  And yet all is not sunny in the land of Facebook!  It has many small problems that I am personally perplexed as to why they exist!



Flock 2.5 August 27, 2009

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Get Flock

My favorite web browser now integrates twitter, flickr, facebook and more with it’s new “Broadcast Anything” feature.  More good stuff where that came from too!  Check out the “What’s New” videos:  http://www.flock.com/tour/new.php

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Springnote, best of Web 2.0? December 28, 2008

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Recently I went in search of a way to collaborate with others in a structured, nested manner, preferably for free.  After taking a look at a few possibilities I stumbled across Springnote and while I’m still not quite sure exactly when the hammer will fall (i.e., how they plan to eventually make money from it), it has quickly earned my praise and respect as possibly one of the most useful webapps of 2008! (more…)