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Flock 2.5 August 27, 2009

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My favorite web browser now integrates twitter, flickr, facebook and more with it’s new “Broadcast Anything” feature.  More good stuff where that came from too!  Check out the “What’s New” videos:  http://www.flock.com/tour/new.php

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The social web browser – Flock revisited! February 16, 2008

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Over a year ago I posted about my fondness for this mozilla powered offshoot. How has it changed? Does it still rock?


Flock, how I love thee, let me count the ways… July 4, 2006

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Ok, this post is just a /hug and a /smile for my beloved Flock webbrowser, because I love it so 🙂


Let me put it short and sweet…  If you blog you owe it to yourself to try Flock!

Once it’s properly configured blogging is a breeze…  drag and drop photos from your computer to an online archive (I use photobucket), preview them in Flock’s image bar at the top of the browser, drag them to a new blog post!

At the bottom of the browser is the “snippets” button… click this, drag *anything* of interest, even make little post-it-note type of text scraps and store them there until you want to use them!

Instant access to online bookmarks! Even imports them to a new installation automagically!

Blog *anything* with a simple highlight (optional) and a right-click!

Of course Flock has lots of other cool features too, most shared by Firefox… extensions, multiple tabs,  popup stoppers and more.

This is one sweet browser!

Vista and IE 7 July 4, 2006

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I must say I’m a bit impressed with the latest beta of IE 7 as well. The tabs are fast and responsive and I prefer the “close” button on each tab (ala Flock as opposed to a single close button like in Firefox) and the quick tab add button is nice and intuitive. I wish I could figure out how to find my bookmarks though!


DOH! It’s the “star” icon, which does something completely different in my browser of choice (www.flock.com)

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Flock Beta 1 released! June 14, 2006

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Introducing Flock Beta 1
Posted Monday, Tuesday, Jun 13 by Bart Decrem

 Hello again,

We are delighted to introduce the first beta release of the Flock browser, aka Flock 0.7. Here’s what it is, what it isn’t, and a company update.

Back in October, when we introduced the company and released our first developer preview, we generated quite a bit of attention. A lot of people were intrigued by the concepts we introduced, but one of the critiques we heard over and over was that the product wasn’t ready for prime time (it wasn’t – the version number was 0.4.something, but we did brag a bit too much). Moreover, some people wondered what problem we were trying to solve that Firefox plus a set of extensions couldn’t solve. For the last six months or so, we’ve kept our nose to the grindstone, and now we’re inviting you to try out our first beta release.

Introducing Flock Beta 1

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Ultimate Flock Extensions List June 13, 2006

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-[ The x2o Dimension ]- :: The Ultimate Flock Extensions List :: October :: 2005

Nice!  Trying some of these out now.

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9 must have Firefox extensions for web developers February 20, 2006

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Engadget’s CSS blog lists 9 Firefox extensions that anyone who works with web technology should check out. Some you might have heard of already, others you may not.

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fvwm-crystal and flock February 20, 2006

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Screenshot of my new finds…

The Flock webbrowser and the blazing fast and ultra cool fvwm-crystal window manager!