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Photo: BP oil leak July 5, 2010

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As a bit of a self-proclaimed “tree hugger” I know we can get kind of preachy about global warming, climate change, dependence on fossil fuels, pollution, etc.  I’ve tried hard to resist the temptation to post a news update every other day concerning such topics because I think there is already enough of it out there.  But recently a friend posted an AP photo that struck me so profoundly I just had to share it here too…


New York gets it’s first solar electric vehicle charging station January 7, 2010

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One of my favorite “green” blogs, Inhabitat , posted an article about New York getting it’s first solar electric vehicle charging station.  I’ve seen electric cars before and even ones that charged off of solar but this particular package suggests what’s right on so many different levels that I just had to post about it here too.  Now just imagine what might be possible to build on this concept:  (more…)

New Japanese Building Lights Itself at Night with Transparent Solar Panels March 2, 2006

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A building under construction in Japan will use sunlight to illuminate its rooms after the sun goes down. Sections of the walls of the new office complex will be constructed with a new building material that contain super-thin, transparent solar panels and as many as 320 light-emitting diodes that release whitish-blue light at night.

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