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Ye old “GIMP vs. Photoshop” revisited March 29, 2011

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My original post GIMP vs. Photoshop is still one of the posts that I get the most comments on, even though I wrote it over a year ago!  Not all of the comments get published though 😉 

This one did because after the name calling was done the writer actually had a point, sort of, so I thought maybe I’d revisit the topic…  What follows is the comment and my reply:


GIMP vs. Photoshop! January 5, 2010

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The GIMP vs. Photoshop


On any other forum those words would be considered trolling to start a flame war and the about.com post titled “GIMP: Like it or Lump it?” had some pretty strong opinions in the comments section and mine, which follows below, was one of them 😉  Some of the following might seem a bit out of context as I was referring to what others had said before me but I think you will get the gist of it:


Tutorial: How to listen to your “local” radio stations on your computer December 28, 2009

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This is a tutorial on how to listen to  “local” radio stations on your computer!

Why?  I know, I can hear some of you saying right now “just turn on a fricken radio!”  Well, this method has a couple of advantages… one, it doesn’t require a radio!  Two, it might let you listen to more channels, with better clarity, than you will get on your typical AM/FM, even some of those “HD radio” streams!  Ok, ok, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) based on where you live.  But, for an example, I live south of Seattle and using this method I can listen to any of 67 “local” radio stations from my desktop, most of which I would be lucky to tune in at all on a convential radio where I live.  I would be interested in hearing from you that live in more rural areas too!   I’m not sure how or why the software I will detail in this tutorial works the way it does but I’m curious to know how well it works in other parts of the world too.  Let me know, mkay?

Let’s get started!


And the best free audio DAW for Windows is… Linux MultiMedia Studio?!?!? January 9, 2009

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YES!  That is right!  Linux MultiMedia Studio, or “LMMS” as it’s more often called, now has a very nice Windows port! 120px-Lmms_logo.png

Quoting from their website LMMS aims to be “
a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer.”  And FL-studio users will feel right at home with LMMS and with no sting in the pocketbook either…


Dream a little dream… of Debian February 13, 2008

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Some of you might have noticed I haven’t posted much on the linux front (or any other for that matter!) for awhile… This post is likely to be the first of several in a related series and the first to explain why I haven’t posted and why I am again now!

To make a long story short I moved across the state, built a new computer and ended up using wireless as my only connection to the net for the very first time…


Kubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” Herd 1 pre-release: a quick photo tour December 7, 2006

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Today the official announcement that “herd 1”, the first public pre-release for what will eventually become Ubuntu 7.04, code named “Feisty Fawn” made it’s way around the linux news sites.

Being a debian and seeing how I finally managed to completely destroy my previous 64Studio install (no fault of the distro itself!) I thought I would give it a quick spin around the block.


Dyne:bolic 2.3 dhoruba review December 5, 2006

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Today I’m going to (try to) review Dyne:bolic 2.3, code named “Dhoruba Solid State”!

Dyne:bolic 2.3 is a “live CD” meaning that you can run it anywhere on any machine that has a CD-ROM drive. The computer doesn’t even need a harddrive to run a “live” CD! But best of all this is a live “multimedia” distro!


Tagged! Photos this time! October 14, 2006

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Ok, so my wife guessed the wrong “meme” I was supposed to reply to mostly because blogspot has some problems with updating webpages… Hey, there is a reason (or three) that I use wordpress now instead 😉

Anyway, this is the meme I’m supposed to reply to… aka “8 Things I find amazing, in picture form“. Ok, here it goes…


gdebi August 6, 2006

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Ever heard a windows user make the argument that all they have to do to install a package is “click on it”? Forget the fact that apps like Synaptic further equipt with a beefed up /etc/apt/sources.list can provide over 19,000 packages to a debian based system… without searching the web for app “x”, library “y” and driver “z”… “One click” makes Windows superior to linux, dammit!!! Ok, ok… settle down 😉


PCLinuxOS MiniMe screenshots, mini review August 6, 2006

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From distrowatch.com came news of PCLinuxOS MiniMe, a “slimmed trimmed down version of PCLinuxOS which gives the user the opportunity to install the packages they want and make the system their very own.” so I thought I would give it a whirl…

Now I’m not entirely new to PCLinuxOS… in fact, before I had a debian swirl tatooed on my arm (more…)

rsync is a beautiful thing! August 6, 2006

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rsync is a computer program for Unix systems which synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transfer using delta encoding when appropriate. An important feature of rsync not found in most similar programs/protocols is that the mirroring takes place with only one transmission in each direction.”

That’s from wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rsync

Now before I get into the meat of this post let me qualify this by saying that I am NOT a linux guru and I don’t do IT for a living! (more…)

Vista: Something’s going on under the hood! July 4, 2006

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For some reason GIMP decided to break! Not sure why or how to fix it but I was pleased with the sort of information Vista gives the user when this kind of thing happens! Check out the screenshot:

WIRELESS: Like XP Pro, Vista Beta automagically detected my Linksys WUSB11 ver.2.6 USB network interface and set it up for use almost instantly. This is a chip that I have yet to get working correctly in ANY of the linux distributions I use so I must say I’m a bit impressed

Last but not least, remember my earlier post where I said Vista couldn’t “see” any of the machines on my LAN? I tried rebooting it, reconfiguring it, nothing worked! So I leave the machine on all last night, get up this morning and start messing with network settings in prep to tinker with the wireless adapter and low and behold!

I read somewhere else that “Vista seems to need at least 24 hours of use to get it’s feet under itself.” There is definately something going on under the hood of this OS. It even seems faster and more stable than it did yesterday and I haven’t really done anything to it in regards to performance. Curious…

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Vista and GIMP July 4, 2006

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I kind of like the new version of Windows Media Player too. I can see how this would appeal to peeps used to an iTunes sort of interface for managing large collections. I AM disappointed that WMP doesn’t include links for popular streaming sites like Shoutcast “out of the box”.In other news GTK+ 2 runtime and GIMP 2.11 install and run flawlessly as this screenshot will demonstrate

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Vista nvidia and nforce TAKE TWO July 4, 2006

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Ok, I did a full reinstall and things went much better this time.

First off I followed the directions and burned the chipset drivers to disk but decided to explore and play around a bit first…

I let windows check for a “solution” online for missing device drivers and THIS time it found them! I had already used the disc I’d burned to do the audio driver but that’s it. All the other drivers that it *could not find* when I installed the first time, 24 hours ago, it CAN find *today*! Hell, someone is working hard this holiday weekend.

Also intalling the nvidia drivers went much more smoothly this time and it even seems to be retaining settings, etc., working as it should…

The more I look at this desktop, including IE7 and various system GUIs the more I admire the looks and design. I know Vista is not designed to take on linux on the desktop but rather Mac OS and for anyone that hasn’t seen Vista in action this is VERY apparant. Eye candy is everywhere and very well implimented too (IMHO). Mac purists accuse MS of stealing a lot of ideas and designs from Mac and this might be true, but regardless, if I was Apple I’d be a bit nervous.

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Huge Dual Screen Wallpaper Database March 18, 2006

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Just stumbled across this site. Seems to have a ton of dual screen wallpapers for free, and well organized. Quite a rare find when you get most sites out there like Digital blasphemy charging for every thing under the sun.

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