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[RANT MODE ON] The future of rally sims on the PC looks rather bleak to me… November 25, 2012

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I am a “sim racer”.  For those that don’t know that means that my love for all kinds of cars, racing, and anything else that goes fast has been extended to my computer as well.  I not only play racing “games”, I play racing SIMULATIONS!  Specifically I am quite fond of “rally racing”, both as a spectator sport and as a racing type that I like to play on the computer…


Ideas for New Games July 2, 2010

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60px-Gnome-joysticksvg.png I posted this on a forum for a major game company in a thread where members were invited to share their ideas about “Ideas for New Games”.  I put a lot of time and thought into  my post and thought it might be worthwhile to save it here as well.  The original thread can be found by clicking >here<.

I’ve been an FPS (First Person Shooter) player since the original DOOM, have played these games extensively and watched them evolve and progress over the last (nearly) two decades.  Before that I was a paper-and-pencil wargamer and RPG’er (Role Playing Games) and perhaps even a “rules junky”… collecting obscure games and rule books just to  study the mechanics and the different ways of making a good game.

Sony Playstation 3: My review January 6, 2010

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We’ve lived with a Sony Playstation 3 in our house for just over a year now and I think that’s enough time that I am pretty certain about what I think Sony did right with this version…  and what they got wrong!


Re: What makes a good MMORPG December 27, 2009

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I originally posted the following on a forum thread with the above title. People that know me know that I’ve been working on a similar project literally for years, even before powerful computers were commonplace (yeah, I’m that old).

What I am more concerned about is doing what hasn’t been done before or at the very least striving to progress in that direction. Some things that are overlooked in *most* of today’s MMORPGs:


Codemaster’s GRID: Why I am recommending a game I didn’t like June 7, 2008

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I noticed on Steam that a new racing game had been released from Codemaster’s simply called GRID and after watching a few videos and reading a healthy amount of reviews I decided I couldn’t loose by at least trying the free demo. I’m not going to go into a full review here (google for “Codemasters GRID” for plenty of those) but I AM going to tell you why I might recommend this game… even though I didn’t like it! 😯


Dream a little dream… of Debian February 13, 2008

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Some of you might have noticed I haven’t posted much on the linux front (or any other for that matter!) for awhile… This post is likely to be the first of several in a related series and the first to explain why I haven’t posted and why I am again now!

To make a long story short I moved across the state, built a new computer and ended up using wireless as my only connection to the net for the very first time…


Killer script to install WineX from CVS! December 23, 2006

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Found this script at www.linuxhelp.net and thought I should copy it here to in case it gets lost! (I hate it when that happens!)

For those of you that have no idea what this is you should probably skip this post and read something else…


Vista daily July 4, 2006

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GAMES: I also tried Wolf:ET (which supposedly doesn’t run) and the True Combat mod for it. As long as game resolution and refresh rate didn’t exceed what I was running on the desktop it seemed pretty fast and stable. Once I jacked refresh rate up I got about 15 minutes out of the game before it crashed to desktop with a popup about the graphics driver failing and also about it (very quickly) recovering “successfully”. Again this makes me think that much of the gaming problems with Vista is due a lot more to the beta quality of the vid card drivers than Vista itself.

OTHER: I noticed that Vista, while it at least knows how to deal with .zip files “out of the box” is VERY slow on larger files. I unzipped a local archive of maps for TCE, approx. 500MB and was told initially that it would take 1 DAY and 16 HOURS to complete! Real time it finished just under 40 minutes but something isn’t anywhere close to snuff here. Haven’t tried any second party zip programs yet.

File transfers both from remote shares as well as my second (XP Pro) harddrive went smooth and fast.

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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Vista and BF2 July 4, 2006

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Ok, have BF2 loaded and patched and it IS playable… Had to take care of a punkbuster problem but no biggy.

Playable yes, on par with XP, nada! Forget about any antialiasing, at least with my nvidia card, and when I tried to get the game to run at a higher refresh rate than my desktop it crashed to desktop and reset all my vid settings (in the game)! Performance is also noticably poorer.

On the flip side I’m sure much of this has to do with the beta state of the nvidia drivers too. Will be nice to see how they improve over time but for now I think I’ll do my serious gaming in XP or linux! 😉

Anyone got ATI performance reports with Vista + BF2?

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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BF2: Euro Force and Win2K March 19, 2006

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SUCCESS! Euro Forces installed on Win2K!-RANT MODE ON-

Why EA decided to use that stupid freaking “XP only!” EAD I’ll never know. Dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Everything it downloads could just as easily be made available in a simple zip file or single executable.


First I purchased the fricking expansion on the website. This is a pretty conventional process. It WILL ask you what account you want to purchase it for… this is your BF2 login, *exactly* how it appears in-game. Don’t worry if you make a mistake here because you can change it up to three times a week.

I then downloaded and installed that POS EAD thing and logged in with my EA account name. This is NOT the same as your BF2 account but rather the login that is used when you purchased the expansion.

Then I downloaded the EF expansion. At first glance it looks imcomplete but after playing it once I went back and checked the contents of my C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EA Downloader\cache\–yourEAaccount–\ I found the folder called eagamesbf2-2006online_map_contentbf2euro

THIS folder is ALL you need (besides purchasing the game). Euro Forces is not protected by DRM but rather account protected. The contents of that folder could be zipped up, burned to disc, or if EA’s marketing guys had two brain cells to rub together, made available on the web as a single exec installer.

Anyway, I burned it to disc, bought my son his copy of the expansion, then installed the expansion on his WINDOWS 2000 computer by simply clicking on the “Setup.exe”. Worked flawlessly.

PS3 to ship with Linux – Official March 19, 2006

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…In addition to running Linux from its hard-drive, the PS3 is expected to be available with various Linux-based productivity packs that turn the game into a computing appliance for special applications such as digital video editing.

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