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Recipe – Oktyabr’s Red Beans and Rice July 3, 2010

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This is one of my favorite dishes and it’s cheap and easy to make too, if you have the patience. I first got plagued with the idea of trying it myself not long after all the cooking shows seemed to be doing spots on New Orleans during the hurricane recovery. Two or three shows mentioned the “traditional” dish “red beans and rice” but never went into detail over how it’s made. Several recipes I found online say that it’s origins are in making something out of the leftovers of a “traditional” (Catholic?) Sunday baked ham. Easy to start the beans soaking on Sunday and serve up on Monday!  One reference I found referred to using EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and bottled hot sauce as condiments with this dish as “Jamaican Style Red Beans and Rice” which is how I prefer it.  Since then I’ve also seen real recipes of the “Jamaican Style” that introduce coconut milk and hot peppers right in the dish.  I haven’t tried these yet but I will!

In a single paragraph (the quick and dirty method):


Recipe: Oktyabr’s Spanish Onion Soup July 2, 2010

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If you like the taste of onions this one is sure to please. Those having it for the first time are pleasantly surprised at how a great soup becomes creamy and rich as the melting cheese is stirred into the broth!

It’s named for the variety of onion, not the nationality of the dish. I actually learned it from my Grand Mother and I’m not sure where she learned it but I’ve made it from memory for several decades now. Most people I have taught this recipe to have added it to their “best” collection as well. Super simple and easy to make, cheap too, and like most of my favorite recipes this one just begs to be tweaked and tinkered with! Don’t be afraid to change things around and make this recipe truly your own! Doesn’t really matter how much or what seasonings you use… The onions and cheese are the stars of this show!