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Ubuntu DVD and Multimedia softwares February 20, 2006

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 Shows where to get the “restricted” libdvdcss2, win32 codecs and other binaries required to complete you Ubuntu multimedia experience. Includes links to the .deb pacakges in case the repositories are down just when you need it.

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Kanotix remaster links February 20, 2006

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Kanotix is a “live” cd based on Knoppix and debian “sid”. It claims (apparantly rightfully too) to have the best hardware detection on the planet, is relatively “bleeding edge” (right where I like it!) and has a very nice and easy to use harddrive installation script.

I’m considering trying a remaster of Kanotix targeted at pro-audio use and have found the following couple of links useful in researching this matter:



A good thread at the Kanotix forums on the topic.

bootcd: remastering the debian way?

Dapper 3 Seq24 from source February 20, 2006

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In answer to the problems I had installing Seq24 in my last post I decided to build it from source. First I had to download it from http://www.filter24.org/seq24/ and then make sure I had all the neccessary build tools. It said on the page it used “automake” and “autoconf” to build so I got those. First build didn’t find “libasound-headers” so tried to install the libasound2-dev package (and dependancies) but my us.archive.ubuntu repository gave me a 404. Pulling a trick out of my sleeve I learned some time ago I fired up nano and changed the “us” references in /etc/apt/sources.list to “ca” instead, which worked wonderfully (thank you Canada!)

Also had to install gtkmm2.0 and dev packages which I did find in the Ubuntu repositores. Fresh version of Seq24 up and running!

Oh, to aid in my fluxbox endevours I also did sudo apt-get install ark rox-filer. Start rox-filer with the “rox” command. It’s a fairly lightweight graphical filemanager, perfect for fluxy. Right clicked on my seq24-0.7.0.tar.gz and selected “Set Run Action” from the menu and then put “ark” in front of the wildcard symbols they have in the popup box. Sure, couldn’t have extracted it from command line pretty quick too but figured hey, Ubuntu is a GUI distro, right? 😉 Now you KDE and Gnome guys should feel a little more at home!

Dapper 3 more music fun February 20, 2006

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So I’ve been busy seeing what will and what won’t install on Dapper 3 in the way of audio apps. I’ll publish a list of working binaries here but so far I’ve only ran into one that won’t install, Seq24, one of my favorite midi apps, so I’ll be trying to build that one from scratch a bit later. The conflict message I get reads:

Depends: libgtkmm2.0-1c2 but it is not installable

Hey, here is a fun Ubuntu-Quirk question… Why have all the ubuntu releases contained ALSA and the ALSA Utilities but not the excellent script “alsaconf” that is usually included in Utils???

One hundred smileys to the first person who can post the real answer! 😛

Ubuntu cleverness Part 3. Firefox 1.5 February 20, 2006

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Firefox is a superb browser as more and more of the world is finding out everyday! But Ubuntu Breezy only includes 1.07 in it’s repositories, which proves to be sadly outdated especially if you want to use some of the bleeding edge extensions that are now available for it! So here is the quick and dirty way to install the latest (1.5 stable at the time of this post) Firefox on your Breezy system (taken in part from the ubuntu wiki. Please refer to that link if you need more detailed help!):

1) First download the latest firefox installer: http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

2) Open a terminal and extract it to your /opt directory:

# extract tar into /opt (you should make sure /opt already exists)

sudo tar -C /opt -x -z -v -f firefox-1.5.tar.gz

# remove the package if you no longer require it

rm firefox-1.5.tar.gz

3) You will need libstdc++5 installed for this to work:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5

4) Remove the old “firefox” link, if it exists, and replace it with a new one:

sudo rm /usr/bin/firefox sudo

ln -s /opt/firefox/firefox /usr/bin/firefox

Fireup firefox and give it a whirl! You *might* get some popup errors regarding “Chrome registry” but these usually are in regards to older versions of extensions you might have had installed for version 1.07. Once you have 1.5 up and running you can go to Tools -> Extensions and click the Find Updates button near the bottom. Any that can’t be updated will have to be removed using that same interface.

NOW, for some cool stuff you can do with the new version! Update the ‘fox! For one, you will notice under the Help menu that there is a new entry called “Check for updates”. This will actually update FIREFOX itself, NOT extensions! But it is a lot easier than following the above directions all over again, don’t you think?

Get some new search engines! See that new little entry field with the google emblem next to it? That is a built in search bar. Type anything into it and press enter (or click the “Go” button) and that’s what you get… search results straight from Google.com… but you might also notice that little black arrow next to the Google logo! Click it and you will get several search engines to choose from… But that’s not all!!! The bottom entry should read “Add Engines”… click this and you will get a new webpage full of nifty search engine extensions including dictionaries, movie databases, song lyrics, stocks and even a complete database of recipes from the Food Network (try “Thai Chicken” in this one to find some of my favorite food 😀 ) Just click each respective link and they will install into your search box automagically.

Get more extensions! Extensions are, well, what the word implies… ways of making firefox… extending firefox … beyond just another webbrowser. If you click the Tools -> Extensions in the menus and then the “Get More Extensions” link at the bottom you will get a new page with literally HUNDREDS of nifty ways to make your firefox into a super-browser! Here are a few of my favorites:

AddBlock As the name implies… a customizable add stopper. Priceless!

Sage RSS news reader One of several available extensions with this capacity, Sage is a bit “lighter” than most doing the bare essentials in a neat sidebar of your browser.

Forecastfox Customizable weather reports in your status bar. Even has a popup radar map!

QuickChat Not much in use yet but once word gets around this one will take off like wild fire! Let me give you a short description… browse ANY webpage, anywhere, anytime. Click “quickchat” and instantly join an IRC channel created *specifically* for that webpage and chat with others, in realtime, who are looking at the same page you are. How cool is that?!?!

FireFTP FireFTP is a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. No reason to use anything else! Many more where those came from! Take a look and if you find one I’m missing you think I would like, leave a comment and let me know about it!