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The sweet, sweet evil that is Facebook… November 24, 2012

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Facebook!  How I love thee… How I HATE thee!

It seems as if Facebook has put a real dent in the more traditional examples of self-publishing, including this very blog.  Is this a good thing?  Well… it means that maybe you have an easier time finding like-minded people to have topical discussions with.  Want to know the right way to milk a yak?  Yup, there is a facebook group or page for it.  And yet all is not sunny in the land of Facebook!  It has many small problems that I am personally perplexed as to why they exist!

For example there is no way to search a group/page/timeline for specific information.  There is no way to search by author, no tagging system, NOTHING.  Even meaningless text messages I get on my phone at least have a linear order to them, filed under who sent them to me.

How about the simple request to pin a post or posts to the top of a page?  In stead you get to “bump” posts up by commenting on them but that only lasts until the next comment or post is made.  Uhhhgggg….

Anyway I’ve chosen today to be my day that I leave FB alone (uhmmm…. sort of) and try to post something here instead.



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