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Listen to this! Calexico! July 3, 2010

Posted by oktyabr in listen to this, opinions, personal.

Calexico, Calexico, Calexico!!!!

I’m going to say this right off the bat:  Anyone who writes a single paragraph review of any Calexico album didn’t listen to it.  It’s that simple.  Because their music is not.

I’m playing nearly all of their discography today and the more I listen to them the more I admire and respect them!  Based in the sun parched realm of Tuscon, Arizona, Calexico defies easy categorization.  Sure, there is a definite “tex mex” flavor to a lot of their music, maybe some blues and more than one tip of the hat to old school country (NOT the commercialized glitter pop stuff they play today), but there is also some serious jazz going on here, on more than one track from more than one CD, and maybe more than a smattering of experimental rock.  And what’s that?  Synth?!?  Dub?  Samples????  No matter what you pick out from these guy’s sound it’s almost always interesting, fun, more often than not cinematic, and uniquely Calexico.

Check them out on Pandora if nothing else!



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