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Dub FX: One Man Band… redefined! February 2, 2010

Posted by oktyabr in listen to this, make music, other cool stuff, video.

Recently a buddy of mine turned me onto a “street muscian” from Australia that goes by the name “Dub FX”.  Dub FX has been travelling the world for the last couple of years performing in public squares, shopping centers, etc.  With the help of a hand dolly to haul around a couple of car batteries, an amplified speaker, and some very cool gear including a loop station and some effects pedals, he’s basically redefined what a “one man band” might mean!

Many apply the genre of “dubstep” to his music although there is some debate to that.  Either way the guy is a lyrical genius if nothing else, spitting out rhymes perhaps more reminiscent of American rap or Reggae and the magic he creates using nothing but his voice, altered and looped by his electronic bag of tricks, borders on the amazing!

I’m including two videos of Dub FX plying his trade.  The first video, “Made”, I’ve specifically selected because it includes a little more explanation of his technique than most of his other videos:

This next one is “Flow”, actually the first taste of his music I had.  This is also one of my most favorite because he features and exceptionally talented saxophone player, “Mr Woodnote”, in this one too.

Tons more by him (and Mr. Woodnote) on youtube and DubFX has just released his first studio album, Everythinks A Ripple, which I bought almost instantly 😉



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