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My new dream car: Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3.0 D4-D January 6, 2010

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I sat down to watch a little TV and spotted an episode of Top Gear, one of my favorite shows, had been recorded on my DVR.  It was an episode I had never seen before so I would have watched it anyway but this particular episode was absolutely EPIC!

Titled “Top Gear Polar Special” this episode consisted of a race (like most episodes) that pits a “car” against something else… In this case the Top Gear crew were racing to see who would be first to make it from Resolute Nunavut, the northern most town in Canada, to the 1996 location of the magnetic north pole (the “pole” location wobbles over time), a distance of nearly 400 miles across polar bear infested frozen tundra, fragile sea ice and “boulder fields” in tempuratures dropping as low as -50!

One team, the “something else”, was made up of a sled pulled by ten very experienced dogs and their drivers, Richard Hammond and expert Matty McNair.  The second team consisted of the other two Top Gear hosts, James May and Jeremy Clarkson, who got the “pleasure” of completing the race in a highly modified Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3.0 D4-D, which is now my new dream “car” 😉  Incidentally this show set a record as being the first team ever to reach the magnetic pole with a “road going vehicle”!

It was an excellent episode!  Ranks highly in my opinion as one of the best episodes of this show ever (catch the episode where they ride motor scooters across Viet Nam for another great one!)  If you live outside of North America (the US anyway) you can watch the whole episode online at the BBC Top Gear website.  The rest of us can catch the show in pieces on youtube, find it on DVD and BlueRay, or if you are lucky, BBC America (check with your cable or sat provider), the channel I recorded the episode from, may very well run it again and you can catch it there.

What I really wanted this post to be about though, is the vehicle they used!  Introducing the Toyota Hilux Double Cab 3.0 D4-D!  I believe the one used in this particular episode was a 2005 model.  “Hilux” is a very well known model name in just about every corner of the globe *except* in the United States!  It is the fastest selling vehicle in South Africa, it’s made in Argentina and very popular on that continent too, and in fact the Hilux (an older model) has made an outstanding appearance on Top Gear before!

Here in the United States, for whatever reason, Toyota markets the similar (but NOT the same!) Toyota Tacoma instead.  And the biggest difference?  The incredible Hilux used in this challenge is powered by a 3.0 liter turbo diesel engine, NOT gas!  Toyota has, in fact, been selling reliable, fuel efficient diesel powered trucks for many, many years, all over the world… EXCEPT in the United States!

I really can’t blame Toyota for this.  Many companies I admire have been selling diesel versions of their vehicles elsewhere too, for a LONG time…  The BMW 3 series diesels, for example, are quite popular in Europe and might actually make it to the US one day.  One of the smaller versions actually outperforms the Prius for fuel economy!  I know part of the problem has been that US refined diesel has not, at least until recently, met European “low sulfur” standards.  This means our diesel is cheaper but also that it burns much more dirtier, and has a bad habit of wearing hard on the engines it powers, basically resulting in a fuel of such relatively low quality that if used in one of these “European standard” vehicles, like the Hilux or the BMW, it negates the manufacturers warranty!  You can’t warrantee it because you’d go bankrupt replacing engines quite frequently (Note:  BMW had to do a huge recall back in 1995 of some of their gas burning engines because the sulfur in our gasoline was eating away at the cylinder liners like acid!)  How can you sell a vehicle in a competitive market place if you can’t warrantee it?

But, as I hinted at, the US is adopting clean diesel standards similar to those used in Europe and other parts of the world that should allow foreign made diesels like the Hilux (errr… the Tacoma) to make an appearance.  I hope so, because I want one of them!



1. webmistress27 - January 7, 2010

That is a kick a** truck and you deserve this new toy you would look so cool crusing in it, this truck is definately not for little boys this is a grown mans truck, when you get it I want to go for a ride.

oktyabr - January 7, 2010

I have to get Toyota to sell me one first! 😉

But yeah, I think so too. I used to think the Hummer was the king of the heavy duty survival vehicles but not any more.

2. J - January 7, 2010

Yes, but how many machine guns can be mounted on it? THAT’s the real question!

oktyabr - January 7, 2010

What, the external mounted hard case for the bear-killer slug throwing shotgun isn’t enough for you? 😛

3. joel.omondi - January 7, 2011

Wow u r mounting machine guns on ur toyota double cabin!

I am more curoius with its strength on rough road and what u did to achieve that…

what did you do to wheels, brakes, the kind of shocks?

4. yuki tan - August 29, 2011

I agreed that toyota hilux is the best but i wonder why they still used manual gear for controlling the low gear while other 4×4 model like nissan and isuzu have up date by using an electronic controlled 4wd system?I noticed its more convienience for driver especially for woman.I was told that toyota’ll launch new model for hilux which complete with GPS system and reverse camera but that’s all..and why not leather seat when the selling price is higher than other model which offer u the same but with lower price..?

Beau - February 28, 2012

I’d say they keep it manual to virtually eliminate any moving/electronic parts that could fail, thus hindering the 4×4 system.

5. max - October 17, 2011

looking for toyota hilux double cab 2005 4×2.

6. Lawrence - May 17, 2012

I really adore toyota cabin hilux.wish i could afford one

7. ali - July 15, 2012

hi everyone… can anybody share how can I purchase a finder like this… thanks

8. James - October 21, 2012

its a lovely car i wish to own it 1day future

9. Fox Toyota - October 8, 2013

Wow this thing looks awesome! I’d love to see those rolled out into full production. I have a feeling they’d be a huge hit here in Tennessee!

10. dervdave - December 4, 2013

No it is a 2007 model

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