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HELP! My iPhone got wet!!!! September 12, 2009

Posted by oktyabr in digg.

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Recently this is something I became familiar with first hand when our 13 year old accidentally went swimming with his in the pocket of his shorts. You don’t get a phone much wetter than that folks!

I searched google and was almost convinced we would be spending US$200+ for a replacement when I came across the following tip and decided to try it…My second choice would have been placing it in a bag of *uncooked* rice for a few days but it sounds like this one works best if done immediately. My son’s iPhone sat for over a week (with water in it) before I decided to give this a shot:

I read this somewhere else after our 12 year old got his completely soaked in a swimming pool this last summer. It sat for a couple of WEEKS with water in it and this still worked:

Didn’t want to take it apart although the original tip suggested partial dismantling. We could have pulled the sim card but didn’t.

Put in it a plastic bowl (with a lid) and covered it in 70% Isopropal alchohol (rubbing alchohol, available at any drug store… look for 70% or higher concentration!) WARNING: This stuff WILL burn and the vapors are quite strong! Do NOT smoke or use near an open flame!!! Make sure the lid seals tightly.

Shake gently, like a hand held washing machine. You want the alchohol to not only fill any voids in the phone but to clean them too.

Leave in the alchohol for at least 24 hours giving it a good one or two minute shake at least three or four times over the duration.

Remove the phone, gently towel dry, shake the phone wrapped in the towel to get any large quantities of the liquid out.

Leave to dry some place… errr… dry. A sunny windowsill worked well in our case. Leave it for at least 48 hours. If you can still see liquid or smell the alchohol after 48 hours leave it to dry for at least another 24. Flip it over once a day or so. This might also be a good place to try the “bag of uncooked rice” to speed up drying time.

Our phone sat in alchohol for almost 48 hours and dried for three days before we tried plugging it in. It works PERFECTLY! The screen DOES have some light blotches that can be seen but they don’t obscure the image at all and are hardly noticable when in use. We are hoping that they go away over time and if they don’t well, living with them is still better than shelling out $200.

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1. Kathy Wikman - September 13, 2009

All the flipping, sounded like pancakes. And what’s with the bag of uncooked rice? Are you SURE you are drying a phone and not cooking a meal? lol

2. webmistress27 - January 5, 2010

Oh my no! my brother just had this happen to his ad instead of getting another phone he decided to keep it, blow dry it, sit it in a window seal basically anything to “dry it” out completely….that did’n go to well

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