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Springnote, best of Web 2.0? December 28, 2008

Posted by oktyabr in other cool stuff, web 2.0.


Recently I went in search of a way to collaborate with others in a structured, nested manner, preferably for free.  After taking a look at a few possibilities I stumbled across Springnote and while I’m still not quite sure exactly when the hammer will fall (i.e., how they plan to eventually make money from it), it has quickly earned my praise and respect as possibly one of the most useful webapps of 2008!

Springnote is at first glance a friendly looking online word processor.  Dig a little deeper and it starts to show it’s capabilities as a blogging instrument (publishes nicely to many popular blog systems) as well as WYSIWYG HTML editor as well.  It’s surprisingly easy to use and seems to be pretty much bug free.

One thing that makes Springnote stand out is it’s use of the OpenID system to create and login to your account.  Once you have a new account you are invited to create what Springnote calls “notebooks”, both personal and “group” notebooks, the latter of which allows collaboration by other users, either publicly or privately by invite only.  Many useful templates are supplied including the obligatory “Calender” as well as lists of good books, etc.

In both cases the user can easily switch between “View” and “Edit” mode which operate as their names would imply.  A neat feature of “group” maintained notebooks is that the software automatically signs each new edit or addition with the author’s user name and time and date as well.  Options are also supplied to view as XML or even export the entire notebook as HTML, zipped for your convenience!

I’m still pretty new to Springnote but so far am immensely pleased.  If there is a similar software that can come more highly recommended I have yet to find it!


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