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HDtracks – itunes for the audiophile? December 28, 2008

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HDTracks is a relatively new service that offers *extremely* high quality music for downloads.  Their library is still relatively small but their prices are quite reasonable and the significant difference between their high bit rate offerings and 128kbs mp3s offered by their more well known competitors is literally astounding when played over similarly high quality speakers and equipment!

To quote their website:

We offer thousands of titles across a multitude of musical genres and in-depth information about the artists and albums. When you purchase a complete album from HDtracks you will receive a pdf file containing the cover art and liner notes.

HDtracks features DRM free downloads in your choice of three formats –CD-quality  AIFF and FLAC — as well as 320 kbps MP3.  The universal compatability means your songs can be played on computers, home music servers, iPods and MP3 players, etc.

Unmentioned on their front page is the definitively audiophile offerings in 96 kHz/24 bit FLAC format.  This is BEYOND “CD quality” by leaps and bounds, possibly the highest quality audio recordings for sale anywhere on world wide web!  Of course much of their library is home to pristine jazz and classical recordings but they seem to be expanding into a service for other genres of music too and have been adding new titles often and regularly.

For a limited time, creating a new account (free) with HDTracks entitles you to download an album created by Gibson guitars that features 15 free songs from the world’s best guitarists.   If you have ever wondered how much difference there is between your run of the mill mp3s and a truly high fidelity audio format this is an excellent opportunity to find out!

I give HDtracks two thumbs up!

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