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What are you listening to? January 16, 2008

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So this winter has been good for my music collection and I’ve been steadily broadening my tastes with lots of new stuff!

I started out with a few tracks from an Irishman I “know” from one of my linux audio users mailing lists. Stark, heartfelt ballads with a few quicker tunes as well, mostly acoustic, well produced, something worth checking out:

While shopping for his tracks I stumbled across possibly the next upcoming “big thing” in girl pop singers, Rue Melo (she’s a hotty!) Check out a few of her songs and be prepared for something different. Sure, the obligatory hiphop-ish radio fodder is there but so are things uniquely Rue, with a definite international flair:

Rue Mello

And on the more “mainstream”(?) front I’ve been listening to a few new CDs in my collection including the newest from Foo Fighters, Echoes Silence Patience & Grace (3.5 stars, might be one of those that just takes time to grow on you), Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight (3.5 stars, very good overall but missing the icing on the cake), and Maynard James Keenan’s (Tool, A Perfect Circle) latest project Puscifer, album entitled V for Vagina (4 stars. The reviewers say former fans will either hate Puscifer or love it. While it takes a few listens to really grow on you I think I am of the “love it” crowd! Also I had to give 4 stars to Johnny Cash The Legend of Johnny Cash which I sought out and purchased after hearing his version of Rusty Cage (also covered by Sound Garden, Audioslave, etc.) on the radio, turned up loud, on a road trip one night. His version of this song alone made the whole CD worth the purchase price but it includes many other classic Cash tunes too that shouldn’t be ignored!

And out of the batch the big one for me this week has been:

I can only give this album 4 stars though! I wanted to be able to give it 5 stars, especially as it seems this will be the last offering from Al Jourgensen’s Texas based studio (with “Ministry” on the cover at least?) but like the two albums that preceded this one “The Last Sucker” is filled with lyrics bent towards expressing political opinions, and strong ones at that.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, fine by me, but THREE FREAKIN ALBUMS?!?!?!?! 😕

None the less I bought the album after taking it for a test drive at a local record store with my 11 year old son. We both stood there, with big cans over our ears, as the napalm that is Ministry’s idea of “lead guitar” exploded over the 35 second intro to the first track “Let’s Go”. Signature vocal processing is also here (once you hear Ministry it’s unlikely you will ever confuse the sound with any other metal band). Both of us had perm-a-grin going on… “Let’s Go” is the perfect first track to hook Ministry fans all over again… it’s light on the politics, heavy on the metal, and the first song I’ve heard of theirs in several albums that sounded like real Ministry again, so much so that I followed this album with the classic 1992 album “The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste” and given up looking for my old copy of “Psalm 69” will be buying a new one today!

So little time, so much great music! 😀

What are YOU listening to?

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