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Windows music creation: VST wrappers aka Softsynths for n00bs October 19, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in audio, make music, software, tutorials, Windows.

Music Composition: VST wrappers aka Soft Synths for n00bs

I’m no musician!!! And this topic is much broader than I could possibly cover here by myself in any reasonable amount of time! But I absolutely love sound and music. I love pressing a button and making a sound, especially if it is a sound uniquely tuned by me. Are there others out there too? I think so… So let’s make a sound:

First, you need an instrument. I recommend some really good VSTi instrument like perhaps String Theory by Ugo. So go ahead and download it and unzip it somewhere where you can find it again.

NOTE: If you are going to get more than one toe wet in this stuff you will eventually NEED a dedicated folder somewhere on your system. Many plugins look for “VSTplugins” by default, I simply use C:\vst

Next we are going to go after a VST wrapper! VSTs are plugins intended to be used with a “host” program and generally not intended to be tinkered with like a stand alone application. In this case a wrapper is a neat way to fool the plugin into acting like it IS a stand alone application! Here is a link made of solid gold for you readers out there:

That is the link to the homepage for savihost a tiny (100k) VST wrapper given to the world for free! Ok, he has a Paypal donation link on the website. Try the wrapper and you decide if it’s worth a dollar or two Wink

Anyway, download that wrapper and then unzip it to the same folder you put the VST plugin in. You will end up with a .dll file like “String Theory.dll” and a tiny executable called “savihost.exe”. All you have to do at this point is rename savihost.exe to the name of the VST plugin you want to use (I recommend always using a copy of savihost for this) so you end up with a .dll and an .exe both with exactly the same name. Double click the .exe. That’s it! Unless you have some strange sound setup you should be greeted by the gui for VST plugin wrapped up in savihost! It even includes a keyboard you can click on (try your computer keyboard too!) to produce sounds from your speakers!

Neat huh? Play around with that some and explore other plugins too. Stick around because if no one beats me to it I’ll have a “howto” type thing to take your music to the next step very soon! Cool



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sorry, where is rss feed of your blog?

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