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Music Lovers Freeware: #4 Slimserver cover art? October 19, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in audio, listen to this, software, tutorials.

Cool Slimserver trick #1: Cover Art!

It depends on which “theme” you use for your web interface but most of them support cover art, even browsing by cover art! This also requires that each CD has it’s own folder; not a bad idea if you are just getting started with this stuff and you have a big collection you intend to rip (I use a directory structure like “music/artist/cd title/songs”!)

Basically what you need to do is every time you add a new CD to the server simply go to http://www.amazon.com and do a search for the CD you just added. When (if?) Amazon produces the page with the CD on it simply click on the cover art shown on the information page. In most cases this will pop up a seperate window with a larger version of the cover art. Simply right click on the cover art and do “Save as…” and download it to the folder that you put the new CD in. For slimserver to make use of it the file MUST be renamed to “cover.jpg” (all lower case) and you might need to verify that cover art is enabled in the slimserver “Server Settings” –> “Interface” in the “Artwork” section.

Here is the info from that section in case you want to use more sophisticated cover art lookup:

ArtworkImages of album artwork, when available, are displayed when viewing an album or song information. Artwork images are found in the ID3 tags for individual songs or can reside in the same folder as song files. By default, images named “cover.jpg”, “albumartsmall.jpg”, “folder.jpg”, “album.jpg”, or “thumb.jpg” are used. You can specify an additional file name to use for album art images. You can specify different file names for thumbnail or full size images. Prefix the option with % and you can follow it with any string made up of the same elements available for Title Formats (eq %ARTIST – ALBUM, will look for Artist – Album.jpg to fit the artist and album information found.

There is even a plugin script that is intended to find and download cover art for you automagically but it takes more technical know how than I want to explore in the context of this thread, and may or may not work as advertised: http://www.victorland.com/slimp3/



1. piepsypeSaf - November 2, 2008

thx for links;)

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