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Music Lovers Freeware: #1 Intro October 19, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in audio, listen to this, make music, software, tutorials, Windows.

Yeah, but why only FREE?

Because one of my essential beliefs is simply that creativity should never be hindered by whether or not you have money to spend!

Most of you probably already have a bunch of cool commercial apps you got bundled with a drive or something… But more and more, on my little freelance consulting missions I’m finding an obviously growing trend… more and more people are buying more and more PCs! And I don’t mean $1000+ Alienware gaming systems or the latest package deal from Dell… “dude”… I mean homebuilt bargain boxes, classified ad steals, home brewed multimedia theater PCs, frankenstein’s PC monsters and family file servers.

Ok, not everyone I work with gets talked into embracing the penguin. 🙄 Some of them dig up an old copy of win98 or break down and buy 2K or XP for the extra box(en). But what about accesory apps? Obviously not, or there wouldn’t still be such a large scattering of freeware (and perhaps more importantly, donationware) on the web! And some real gems too!

I started this thread with the idea of sharing some of my very favorite FREE (NOT “share” or “trial” ware!!!! Or WAREZ either, for that matter!) software finds and I’ve come across enough music and sound apps to warrant a thread of it’s own.

Whether you are a musician or just a music lover, this thread is for YOU. Want to share your own finds? Please do!



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