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More about cats October 19, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in personal.


Well, we “adopted” another cat yesterday… errr… more honestly perhaps, he adopted us!

The story goes like this… we were first introduced to “Tiger” when the neighbor’s daughter brought him home. He was supposed to go to her boyfriend when he moved but later found out that he couldn’t have pets at his new apartment! Anyway cat was forbade from being an indoor pet so he ended up outside.

Nicest cat I’ve had for a long time. Very easy to make happy, purrs a lot, gets along with our other cats (we have many cats in the neighborhood), and is extremely well behaved.

While the neighbors were trying to figure out what to do with him the poor little fellow lived under a bench on a front porch that my wife stuffed an old blanket under for warmth. He got food and water and lots of petting when either I or my wife would go outside for a smoke break.

A week down the road and “Tiger” has now been renamed “Al” (because he closely resembles a female we had some time ago… named “Allie”), got his first flea bath, ear mite treatment and new collar and is now our new “inside/outside” cat although with the weather getting colder he’s likely to be more the former than the latter 😉

We were a bit concerned about how he would get along with our other 6 month old male, “Buddy”, who has decided that it is definately HIS house and is quite aggressively playful (even with our adult cats) and perhaps just a bit of a pest, in contrast to the Al’s very easy going nature.

Anyway, they say a picture is worth a thousand words so here is a couple thousand worth…

Here you can see Al, the long hair on the left, and Buddy, in my wife’s lap. Almost looks like they are holding “hands”! They actually get along very well, as if they were from the same litter, which I know they are not. That pose lasted for about two minutes…

Cute, huh? 😀



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