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Komando Kritic: Intro Post October 9, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in Komando Kritic, opinions, personal.

This is the first post I will write to fill a new category on this blog called “Komando Kritic”.

Kim Komando, “America’s Digital Goddess”, is the host of the “Kim Komando” show, a nationally broadcast radio program that I get here in Eastern Washington 7-10AM on Saturday mornings.

She also has, of course, a website:


Now Kim’s show is actually right up my alley… it is possibly the best techno-geek-acentric radio talk show in the country and she spans a wide range of topics from digital cameras and mp3 players to computers and much of her showtime is occupied by taking questions from callers and providing a workable solution.

Where my peeve is is that frequently her “solutions” sound more like infomercials for what are obviously her paid sponsors products and solutions. There is nothing wrong with “pimping” a specific product, especially if doing so helps keep your show on the air, but it rather bothers me that frequently the information is given in such a way as to suggest there are no alternatives or that if there are, that they are in some way lacking. This, as my opinion pieces under this category will try to demonstrate, is often far from the truth.

Smaller peeves include outdated information like the blurb heard on this last Saturday’s show about Vista being at “RC1” when, as any tech head knows is a bit out of date. Ok, ok, so RC2 was only released a day or two prior to the airing of the show but surely “America’s Digital Goddess” has enough time to fact check things of such relevancy? Maybe she needs to hire more help… dunno…


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