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Intro to Acid Jazz October 8, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in listen to this, opinions.

Ok, those of you that know what Acid Jazz is… this post is not for you!

My favorite online “acid jazz” stream is easily http://www.monkeyradio.org

Since discovering the genre (and the channel) I’ve purchased hundreds of dollars worth of CDs of music I hadn’t even heard of a couple of years ago. Extremely addictive!

Anyway, recently I sent an email of suggestions to my new, local “smoothjazz” FM station which seemed to be struggling for new content (Journey is jazz?!?!!!) I recommended the following songs as possible additions to their playlist as they are probably the softest, easiest introduction to acid, lounge, downtempo and other “alternative jazz” music styles in my library.

Looking for something I bit more experimental than the usual “easy listening” station? Start with these:

Lamb – Softly – from Fear of Fours
Hooverphonic – Mad About You – from The Magnificent Tree
Weather Storm – Massive Attack – from Protection
Air – La Femme Dargent – from Moon Safari
Flywheel – Slowdown – High Fidelity Lounge Vol. 1
What Does Your Soul Look Like (Pt.1) – DJ Shadow – Entroducing
Mellow – Mellow – from “Mellow”
Callisto – Humid – Om Lounge Vol. 2
Thievery Corporation – Lebanese Blond – The Mirror Conspiracy
Coldcut – Autumn Leaves (pick a remix!) – Autumn Leaves

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1. max - February 6, 2007

Weather Storm – Massive Attack – from Protection
good track!

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