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PCLinuxOS MiniMe screenshots, mini review August 6, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in distro reviews, linux, pclinuxos, screenshots.

From distrowatch.com came news of PCLinuxOS MiniMe, a “slimmed trimmed down version of PCLinuxOS which gives the user the opportunity to install the packages they want and make the system their very own.” so I thought I would give it a whirl…

Now I’m not entirely new to PCLinuxOS… in fact, before I had a debian swirl tatooed on my arm (ok, not yet, but it’s coming!) I was a big Mandrake “on the desktop” advocate. PCLinuxOS, for those who aren’t that familiar, is a highly optimized hybrid based on Mandy that has been around for quite some time and has a very well established and supported community.

PCLinuxOS is also well known for it’s “polish” and ease of use and as we’ll see in the following screenshots this “lite” version is no different!

Here we see the default desktop based on KDE 3.5.3 from the “live cd” (no installation is required!)

Very pretty icon work and a transparent border does much to combine with the Microsoftesque background to give it a definate “vista” look. Other apps have degrees of transparency as well as shown in the next one:

Even though Mandy and by decent PCLinuxOS as well are RPM based the latter very early on adopted apt-get and the excellent synaptic software manager for package management. Nearly a thousand packages are available to the “live cd” without changing any repositories!

Another signature of PCLinuxOS is the excellent Control Center. I think Ubuntu as well as other up-and-coming “desktop” distros could learn a thing or two from this build, especially if they intend to be appealing to windows users new to linux…

Even the “My Computer” icon produces something useful!


This handful of screenshots can do little to express the true scope and power that this “mini” distro covers… even the installer is polished, easy to understand and very powerful! In this author’s opinion the only reason it is not superior to ubuntu overall is that it is not debian based, but that again is a personal bias 😉

Give it a whirl! Only 300MB to download, a single “live” cd to burn, nothing to install to the harddrive… unless you want to, that is, and then it’s still a walk in the park! Plays nice with other operating systems too!

Pros: “Live” CD with a relatively small download. Very usable “out of the box”. Very polished and pretty! Excellent “control center” interface for system administration and configuration. When I have to have a “live CD” to take with me on my travels THIS is the one I prefer!

Cons: Relies on proprietary repositories, much like Ubuntu. Not debian based (this is a personal preference!)

Score: 9 / 10

Click here to download!

A much more comprehensive and detailed review from tuxmachines:


EDIT: From tuxmachines:

This just in:

Errata: Xorg Composite enabled by default.Please go into the PCLinuxOS Control Center -> Hardware -> Configure Basic
Video Settings and click the box Options.
Uncheck the box that says: Enable Translucency (Composite Extenstion)
Click Ok, Click Quit
Log out and back in again for new setting to take effect.

ATI 3D fglrx slow GLX, Nvidia 3D slow GLX.
Solves Firefox crashing on websites with Flash content with some video cards.”



1. manmath sahu - October 19, 2007

I just tried it today after reading your review. For the professionals on the go, it is the best small linux around. What’s the problem? If you want you can make it jumbo with the help of synaptic. I don’t adulate Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS and its clan (the remasters, official or unofficial) are definitely better than Ubuntu in terms of usability.
Doubt? Ask any home desktop user to compare the both.
By the way, your review is good.

2. Itrod - March 19, 2008

This thing just works, good shit!!

3. Itrod - March 19, 2008

I do have one problem my control center seems to disappear after a couple of week of use, now anytime time I open it, it’s just blank.
so now I cannot change any setting cause it’s black, web master can you please help me with that.

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