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Vista nvidia and nforce TAKE TWO July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in graphics, Mac OS X, nvidia, personal, Windows.

Ok, I did a full reinstall and things went much better this time.

First off I followed the directions and burned the chipset drivers to disk but decided to explore and play around a bit first…

I let windows check for a “solution” online for missing device drivers and THIS time it found them! I had already used the disc I’d burned to do the audio driver but that’s it. All the other drivers that it *could not find* when I installed the first time, 24 hours ago, it CAN find *today*! Hell, someone is working hard this holiday weekend.

Also intalling the nvidia drivers went much more smoothly this time and it even seems to be retaining settings, etc., working as it should…

The more I look at this desktop, including IE7 and various system GUIs the more I admire the looks and design. I know Vista is not designed to take on linux on the desktop but rather Mac OS and for anyone that hasn’t seen Vista in action this is VERY apparant. Eye candy is everywhere and very well implimented too (IMHO). Mac purists accuse MS of stealing a lot of ideas and designs from Mac and this might be true, but regardless, if I was Apple I’d be a bit nervous.

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