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Vista daily July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in desktop, games, personal, Windows.

GAMES: I also tried Wolf:ET (which supposedly doesn’t run) and the True Combat mod for it. As long as game resolution and refresh rate didn’t exceed what I was running on the desktop it seemed pretty fast and stable. Once I jacked refresh rate up I got about 15 minutes out of the game before it crashed to desktop with a popup about the graphics driver failing and also about it (very quickly) recovering “successfully”. Again this makes me think that much of the gaming problems with Vista is due a lot more to the beta quality of the vid card drivers than Vista itself.

OTHER: I noticed that Vista, while it at least knows how to deal with .zip files “out of the box” is VERY slow on larger files. I unzipped a local archive of maps for TCE, approx. 500MB and was told initially that it would take 1 DAY and 16 HOURS to complete! Real time it finished just under 40 minutes but something isn’t anywhere close to snuff here. Haven’t tried any second party zip programs yet.

File transfers both from remote shares as well as my second (XP Pro) harddrive went smooth and fast.

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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