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Vista and nForce driver troubles July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in nvidia, personal, Windows.

7800GT (PCIx16) here.

I tried reinstalling the drivers a second time, got to the “restart your computer now?” dialog and another window popped up saying that “Windows detected that the drivers for this device did not install properly.” It had an option to reinstall them using the “recommended method” so I did. Seemed to go ok for the install until the end when I got a third popup that said (to the best of my memory):”These drivers are intended for Windows Vista. It has been detected that the OS you are attempting to install drivers for is NOT Windows Vista. Please contact your manufacturer.” !!!! Mmmmmkay….

Will uninstall these completely, reboot and try them from a different download location.

Also had problems with the beta nforce drivers (Asus A8NSLI Premium/w nForce 4) which Vista told me was the reason my machine was running so slowly and restarting so slowly (rated my socket 939 AMD 3500+ venice w/ 2GB DDR400 as a “3”) so I’ll uninstall those as well and try again.

I tried installing the nforce drivers from a folder on my harddrive… the included instructions say to burn to a CD or DVD instead? I can’t imagine how there could be a difference but who knows? Hell, might just try a fresh reinstall and go from scratch.

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