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Vista: Something’s going on under the hood! July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in personal, screenshots, technology, Windows.

For some reason GIMP decided to break! Not sure why or how to fix it but I was pleased with the sort of information Vista gives the user when this kind of thing happens! Check out the screenshot:

WIRELESS: Like XP Pro, Vista Beta automagically detected my Linksys WUSB11 ver.2.6 USB network interface and set it up for use almost instantly. This is a chip that I have yet to get working correctly in ANY of the linux distributions I use so I must say I’m a bit impressed

Last but not least, remember my earlier post where I said Vista couldn’t “see” any of the machines on my LAN? I tried rebooting it, reconfiguring it, nothing worked! So I leave the machine on all last night, get up this morning and start messing with network settings in prep to tinker with the wireless adapter and low and behold!

I read somewhere else that “Vista seems to need at least 24 hours of use to get it’s feet under itself.” There is definately something going on under the hood of this OS. It even seems faster and more stable than it did yesterday and I haven’t really done anything to it in regards to performance. Curious…

Crusty old Fossil Rockers :: View topic – Vista Beta up-and-running thread

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