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Vista and BF2 July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in games, nvidia, personal, Windows.

Ok, have BF2 loaded and patched and it IS playable… Had to take care of a punkbuster problem but no biggy.

Playable yes, on par with XP, nada! Forget about any antialiasing, at least with my nvidia card, and when I tried to get the game to run at a higher refresh rate than my desktop it crashed to desktop and reset all my vid settings (in the game)! Performance is also noticably poorer.

On the flip side I’m sure much of this has to do with the beta state of the nvidia drivers too. Will be nice to see how they improve over time but for now I think I’ll do my serious gaming in XP or linux! 😉

Anyone got ATI performance reports with Vista + BF2?

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2. bryan smith - February 1, 2007

i downloaded the patches 1.41 for bf2. i get online, join a game, and mabe take 5 steps into the game, and it kicks me out. i too have vista, and a message come up something about a O/S privelages

3. bryan smith - February 1, 2007

right click on battle field 2 icon, click properties, go to the Compatibility tab, put a check mark under “Privilege Level/Run this program as an administrator” and that should take care of it. at least it did for me

4. oktyabr - February 2, 2007

Thanks for the tip!

5. Henk - March 30, 2007

I run it under Vista with a Ati X850XT and graphics are OK, but for some reason there’s massive harrddisk activity whilst playing (didn’t have that under XP), which is causing lots and lots of hick ups, which basically makes it not fun to play.

6. sotang - March 15, 2008

thanks much grass!!

7. Evan - April 28, 2008

I am the administrator on my own computer, followed all of the advice posted here, HOWEVER, I am unable to put a check mark in the Privileg Level/Run this program as administrator box.

I do use Windows Vista, so anyone with knowledge on this, could you explain to me how to I can put a check in the Privilege Level/Run as admin box?

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