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Vista take two July 4, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in personal, Windows.

Nvidia drivers installed without a hitch. +1

Beta did NOT include ANY drivers for any of my nForce4 chipset (except a generic network interface which DOES work). Some googling led me to: http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_downloads_nforce_vista_x86_beta2.html

and those work just fine.

Being a linux junky I am used to even beta installs (hell, still covered with afterbirth brand spankin new ALPHA releases, even!) carrying at least generic drivers for multimedia devices and usually RAID as well. (Mainstream nix distros like Ubuntu include working drivers for probably 90% of the desktop hardware out there) Vista Beta has very few common drivers ‘out of the box”.. -1

Reboots take significantly longer than XP Pro on the same hardware, at least twice as long, perhaps longer… -1

Beta DOES have a nice boot menu that lets you pick between it and any other older version of windows it detects. I wonder how it does with linux? Wink +1

Damn, it sure is PURTEE! Grin +1

Curious that the much aclaimed WMP didn’t act as the default software for streaming audio off the web. Letting Vista find me a piece of software led me to nullsoft where I downloaded Winamp which seems to work well with the odd behavior of starting a new occurance by default… and mixing multiple streams as a result! Strange but true. -1

Will try some games next.

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