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BF2: Euro Force and Win2K March 19, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in games.

SUCCESS! Euro Forces installed on Win2K!-RANT MODE ON-

Why EA decided to use that stupid freaking “XP only!” EAD I’ll never know. Dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Everything it downloads could just as easily be made available in a simple zip file or single executable.


First I purchased the fricking expansion on the website. This is a pretty conventional process. It WILL ask you what account you want to purchase it for… this is your BF2 login, *exactly* how it appears in-game. Don’t worry if you make a mistake here because you can change it up to three times a week.

I then downloaded and installed that POS EAD thing and logged in with my EA account name. This is NOT the same as your BF2 account but rather the login that is used when you purchased the expansion.

Then I downloaded the EF expansion. At first glance it looks imcomplete but after playing it once I went back and checked the contents of my C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\EA Downloader\cache\–yourEAaccount–\ I found the folder called eagamesbf2-2006online_map_contentbf2euro

THIS folder is ALL you need (besides purchasing the game). Euro Forces is not protected by DRM but rather account protected. The contents of that folder could be zipped up, burned to disc, or if EA’s marketing guys had two brain cells to rub together, made available on the web as a single exec installer.

Anyway, I burned it to disc, bought my son his copy of the expansion, then installed the expansion on his WINDOWS 2000 computer by simply clicking on the “Setup.exe”. Worked flawlessly.



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