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Ubuntu Dapper Flight 3 realtime Part 2 February 20, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in audio, debian, linux, realtime, ubuntu.

Welp, realtime-lsm-module proved not to actually exist so I ended up building it manually with module-assistant (gotta love debian!)

I also did the following with no errors:

sudo /sbin/modprobe realtime gid=29
sudo /etc/init.d/realtime start

Now firing up qjackctl as root and enabling realtime let’s me get as low as I want (2.9ms) with no xruns whatsoever, even under a load, but as user with realtime enabled I can’t get below 20ms without xruns… at least in KDE! Even with a respectable amount of latency I still get at least one xrun and a distinctive POP! out of my speakers whenever I make a connection in qjackctl… Something is still missing… perhaps the preemptive patch in the ubuntu kernel? Sooo… how about something other than KDE?

sudo apt-get install fluxbox (installed suggested too)

Restart X, login to a fluxbox session and what do you know! I’ve been running qjackctl as user at 5.8ms with ZERO xruns… at 20%cpu load! Loving it!

Already this afternoon I’ve got a fresh Kubuntu Dapper Flight 3 installed with the latest 2.6.15-14 kernel, added the realtime-lsm module, the latest nvidia drivers, firefox 1.5 and gotten super low latency as user. Not bad for half a day’s work 😉

Am reading up on building DSSI packages for debian which is my next project, since he doesn’t support sid with his binaries and ubuntu struggles with non-ubuntu debs anyway…




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