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Ubuntu cleverness Part 4. nvidia twinview February 20, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in debian, hacking, linux, nvidia, screenshots, ubuntu.

Excellent HOWTO to get twinview working with dual monitors and an applicable video card:




1. Steve Jesus - June 20, 2006

Interesting. The guide is really straight to the point… but I still am missing something. I notice here you set the second monitors h and v range… this might be where i am having my issue. shouldnt my second monitor have its own section? and then maybe reference back to that? I am writing this from Lynx if that tells you anything 🙂

2. Steve Fink - October 18, 2006

With TwinView (specifically nVidia) you only define the Second Monitor as shown in the HowTo. It’s that simple. If you don’t have an nVidia Dual Head Video card it’s a whole other animal called Xinerama to configure dual monitors. My recommendation is to buy an nVidia card it’s so much easier and works better.



3. Anthony - February 3, 2007

Thank you oh thank you.
3 days and a lot oh hours later. and I finally got it working
the one line at the end did it for me.
“Screen Resolution” set to 2560*1024
for whatever reason I have not seen that anywhere else.

4. oktyabr - February 3, 2007

Your welcome!

I found it quite useful as well 🙂

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