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Have you seen Krita yet? February 20, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in debian, graphics, linux.

Have you seen Krita yet?

Krita started out some years ago as basically a KDE/QT port of the GIMP image manipulation program. What it is today is much more with some very interesting features just over the horizon!

I first discovered Krita with my first working install of the new, bleeding edge KDE 3.5 desktop enviroment for linux.

To me it seems to resemble a very popular (and expensive) graphics app from the windows realm much more than The GIMP! Anyway, functionality is much the same and in fact Krita supports GIMP brushes, gradients and other tasty frosting as well.

The thing I found most intriguing about Krita though, is where it might be headed…

www.linux.com recently featured a pretty neat article on Krita called Exploring natural media graphics with Krita. Natural media?!?! I instantly began to reminice of my days exploring 2D and 3D graphics in the windows realm with a package called Project Dogwaffle. “PD”, as it is now called, excelled (for a free package, at the time) in simulating many real or “natural media” graphics techniques such as realistic water color, etc. So does Krita do these things too???

Well… not yet. But the article (linked above) had some interesting news about features, some of which might make it into the next stable release, which do “natural media” way beyond my early “PD” beta days! Some of the projects of mention (and well worth checking out!) are:

Wet Dream, which simulates the painting and “drying” effects of water color paints, also might make it into gimp as a plugin one day

gsumi, a “pen and ink” simulator, which appears to specialize in realistic looking hand-drawn calligraphy of a Japanese nature

some real-time paint simulation by Tom Van Laerhoven which reminds me most of Dogwaffle (video demos available)

and some wet and sticky paint techniques based on work by Bill Baxter (WOW! I want it NOW!)

Krita definately appears to be a project worth keeping an eye on, not directly repeating the work of the GIMP project but filling all those cool, really “artistic” niches that no other open source project has yet fulfilled.

And I thought linux was just for making music!!! 😉



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