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Describe yourself in 10 bookmarks or less February 20, 2006

Posted by oktyabr in personal, web.

I remember reading somewhere once that you could tell a lot about a person by what they carried on their keychain, believe it or not, or the contents of their purse or wallet (even with the actual photo ID removed). I suppose the same could apply to books or magazines on your coffee table, nightstand or even in the bathroom…

So I thought it might be interesting to do sort of the same thing with bookmarks! Imagine it sort of like one of those “desert island top 10” cd lists.. you know, you are stuck on an island for a year and can only have 10 cds of music with you to keep you sane. Apply the same sort of thing to bookmarks!

If you could only have 10 bookmarks on your machine what would they be? If you find it hard to narrow down then try to think about which 10 bookmarks describe who you are, what your interests are, etc. the best to someone who has never met you.

Here, I’ll go first (in no particular order):

1)www.cofrbbs.net Where the closest things to my friends and community are found.
2)Yahoo.. I’ve used Yahoo for my primary email account for years and actually end up getting quite a bit of my news from there as well.
3)Digg.com. My recent replacement for slashdot. This is my home page and I read it at least once every single day.
4)Distrowatch. I check this probably once a day too. I won’t tell you why.
5)linux-sound.org -one page. I check this maybe only once a month but I do it religiously.
6)oktyabr.wordpress.com. My very new and mostly empty blog. Still, I can see I’ll be spending more and more time here. (Russian spelling is due to limits on “name” choices)
7)Monkey Radio. I listen to a LOT of music on the net but if I could only have ONE this would be it.
8)sectionz. Another community I’ve been a member of for a long time although I am an infrequent visitor.
9)Freshmeat. Another one that is priceless to me, even though I only check it maybe once a week or so.
10)Where I live. A site I just found that more or less describes where I live, in general.

EDIT– 10 isn’t enough! I’m tempted to replace one of the above but just can’t decide which one so here is my #11)RacingFlix. I don’t check it every day or even every week but I use it enough that I’m a paid subscriber and it’s worth every penny 😉


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